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Pompeo, who is crazy to lose weight, stares at this position! | Blog Post

The former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, who is extremely anti-China, has recently frantically discredited China.

Within 24 hours, Pompeo sent two tweets about China. The previous article stated, “China is not a competitor of the United States, but an adversary.”

The latter article calls for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. He declared that there is still three full months before the opening of the Winter Olympics, and there is still time to boycott. In the tweet, he also slandered the International Olympic Committee.

Pompeo crazy to lose weight.

Pompeo crazy to lose weight.

People have also noticed that this “anti-China star” has recently lost more than 100 pounds in crazy weight loss. The American media revealed that he seems to have a bigger plan, which is to be president by 2024. To this end, he has become involved with the mysterious Republican Jewish League.

Will Pompeo have a show in 2024?

Although it has been almost a year since Pompeo stepped down from the position of Secretary of State, the attacks and smears against China have not decreased at all. Recently, there has been a trend of increasing frequency.

In the middle of last month, Pompeo and the extremely anti-China Yu Maochun attended a gathering of Hong Kong people in the United States and gave a “sensational speech”: “I cried too many times about what happened in Hong Kong… …”. He also claimed that he “will always stand with Hong Kong people unabashedly.”


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