Entertainment Ponce + Robles: «Everything that communicates is art»

Ponce + Robles: «Everything that communicates is art»


Raquel Ponce and José Robles decided to join their respective businesses eight years ago. The Ponce + Robles gallery was founded in 2013, with both of them acting as co-directors since then. Together they add almost half a century of experience and dedication in the art world. He opened a space two decades ago – spring of 2000 – and she has been linked to the profession since 1991. It is not unexpected, therefore, that her gallery has been established within the sector when all the experience they accumulate is taken into account.

The secret of the success they share, according to their architects, is in the communication. Before founding Ponce + Robles, the gallery owners – and also friends – kept u
n year of conversations with the aim of creating a concept that could unite them, could grow and thus avoid all kinds of ambiguities. With the doors already open, they drew up a clear strategy: ARCO, a fair in Latin America and a third in another part of Europe.

The lace on the fairs map
“At the moment we are not at all comfortable with any fair in Europe, only ARCO,” says José Robles. The gallery has stopped attending others in the Old Continent but ARCO 2020 will be the seventh edition for this firm, which has participated consecutively since 2013 in Ifema. This year they will show there between six and seven artists, including Isidro Blasco, which they now exhibit in their rooms on Alameda Street.

«Tell me which fairs you are going to and I will tell you who you are», says Robles with laughter

The gallery, however, is present in different fairs that cover the Latin American market, either in Lima or in Miami. Raquel Ponce and José Robles consider it an advantage to be a Spanish gallery there. They are faithful believers that the historical link between Spain and Latin America differentiates the market of art galleries in Spain with that of the rest of Europe.

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The three strengths
Ponce + Robles customers essentially recognize three things when they are going to acquire a work of art in that gallery: the first is trust in this space; the second, the taste or criteria that its gallery owner possess; and the third, price accessibility

For Robles, the trust that collectors place in them is essential when selling a work of art, as is the line of names selected by the gallery to present their works.

As a gallery, the fairs they attend are their business card and a reason why they are selected by their buyers. “Tell me what fairs you are going to and I will tell you who you are,” Robles laughs.

The directors have something very clear: «Everything that communicates is art. Telling something is art ». In that case, the relationship that these great friends possess is also. The triumph they share is a consequence of good debates and long conversations. They owe the notoriety of their careers to art. .


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