Pope Francis Supports Same-Sex Civil Unions | International

He Pope Francisco He expressed his support for civil unions between people of the same sex, during statements given for a documentary titled “Francesco” and made by Russian-born Evgeny Afineevsky, revealed this Wednesday.

In the audiovisual piece, the high pontiff spoke about the approach and care of LGBT people, when he said that “Gay people have the right to be in a family, they are children of God, they have the right to a family. No one can be thrown out of a family, or made life miserable for that. What we have to do is a law of civil coexistence, they have the right to be legally covered. I defended that ”.

According to the New York Times, these sayings contrast with the official position of the Catholic Church, recalling that in 2003, under John Paul II, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, headed at that time by who would later become Pope Benedict XVI, held that “The teachings of the Church on respect for homosexual persons it cannot in any way lead to approving homosexual behavior or legal recognition of homosexual unions ”.

With those words, the Argentine pope again addresses an issue that divides the church and on which he has referred on several occasions with a more open mind.

“Since the beginning of the pontificate, the pope has spoken of respect for homosexuals and has been against their discrimination. The novelty today is that he defends as pope a law for civil unions, ”the Vaticanist, Vania de Luca, explained to Rainews.

Following his election in 2013, Pope Francis adopted a more tolerant tone towards homosexuals, launching his famous phrase “Who am I to judge?” and receiving homosexual couples in the Vatican on several occasions.

The two-hour documentary covers the seven-year pontificate and his travels with testimonies and interviews.

Among the most emotional moments in the film is the Pope’s phone call to a homosexual couple, with three young children in charge, in response to a letter they sent him in which they tell of the shame they feel for taking their children to the parish.

Francisco invites them to continue attending church regardless of the judgments of others.

Another moving testimony is that of the Chilean Juan Carlos Cruz, victim and activist against sexual abuse, who accompanied the director to the screening of the film in Rome on Wednesday. “When I met Pope Francis, he told me that he was very sorry for what happened. Juan, it is God who made you gay and in any case loves you. God loves you and the Pope loves you too ”, says Cruz in the film.

Afineevsky, who attended the Pope’s general audience at the Vatican on Wednesday, won with the documentary “Francesco” the Kineo prize for humanity that is assigned to those who promote social and humanitarian issues.

The director was nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy in 2016 for “Winter of Fire” and in 2018 received three Emmy nominations for “Cries from Syria.”

Meanwhile, the Vatican has refused to comment on the statements made in the documentary, for now.


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