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The Pope Francisco, Instagram and a Brazilian model. What is the first thing you think of with these three ‘actors’ at stake?

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If nothing comes to mind here we tell you what it is about.

Turns out that the top leader of the Catholic Church is in the middle of a curious controversy over a ‘like’ that would have left his Instagram account towards a photo that the model Natalia Garibotto uploaded to your profile on the same social network.

The image, in which she appears dressed in lingerie, was shared by Natalia on October 5.

Almost a month later, on November 13, Barstool Sports (a sports-focused digital media company) shared a small video on Twitter registering the ‘like’ of @franciscus, the pope’s user on Instagram.

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“At least I’m going to heaven,” the model wrote on her Twitter, after sharing the clip, which already has more than 1.1 million views.

(Can you visit us from the app? Watch the Barstool Sports video here).

(Can you visit us from the app? Watch the Barstool Sports video here).

Vatican response

As reported by ‘Catholic News Agency’ (‘CNA’), a brand of the ‘Ewtn’ chain that provides information about the Catholic world, in The Vatican they are investigating what happened.

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“Sources close to the Vatican press office assured that the Pope’s social media accounts are managed by a team of employees. Thus, they will carry out an internal investigation to determine how the ‘like’ was given, ”said ‘CNA’.

‘ACI Prensa’, another Catholic news agency, assured that the Vatican will ask Instagram for explanations, since it was determined that the ‘like’ did not come from the Holy See.



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