Pope Francis was discharged from hospital on Saturday

After receiving a antibiotic treatment by infusion, the 86-year-old pope appeared smiling and in good shape in front of the press, which reassured journalists and the faithful about his health. The Vatican has issued a press release claiming that the pope had received a treatment that had produced the expected effects. According to the press release, the pope therefore had ainfectious bronchitis, which is a inflammation of the airways, which may cause breathing difficulties. This can be particularly dangerous for the elderly and people suffering from underlying health issues, as is the case with Pope Francis.

The Pope appeared before the press outside the Gemelli Hospital, where he thanked the doctors and medical staff for their work and dedication. He also joked, “I’m still alive.”

A heavy medical history

Pope Francis’ health has been closely monitored due to his medical history. At the age of 21, Pope Francis almost died ofpleurisy and had undergone the partial removal of a lung. More recently, in July 2021, the pope suffered a heavy colon surgery. Despite these health problems, Pope Francis had said that the resignation of a pope should not become a trend, and that he had no intention of resigning at the moment. On the eve of Easter, Pope Francis had received permission from doctors to leave the hospital and return to the Vatican.

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