Pope Francis will appoint thirteen new cardinals next month

Published on : 25/10/2020 – 20:29Modified : 25/10/2020 – 22:14

Pope Francis announced to everyone’s surprise this Sunday, October 25 the creation of thirteen new cardinals during a consistory ceremony on November 28 in St. Peter’s Basilica. The Sovereign Pontiff has unveiled the names of the future “princes” of the Church, a list that once again reflects his pastoral priorities.

With our correspondent in the Vatican, Éric Sénanque

Among the thirteen names, nine are less than 80 years old, that is to say that they will be electors of the next pope in the event of a conclave and, as Pope Francis wished, they were chosen from several continents. Only two work in the Curia, in the Vatican.

As in previous years, the Pope turned his gaze to Asia by choosing a second cardinal for the very Catholic Philippines, the Archbishop of Capiz, but also the representative of the Catholic Church in the Sultanate of Brunei. Latin America is not forgotten either with the appointment of the Archbishop of Santiago in Chile and the Archbishop Emeritus of San Cristóbal de Las Casas in Mexico.

First African-American and Rwandan cardinals

The Pope also sends a message to the North American Church by creating Cardinal Wilton Gregory, named Archbishop of Washington last year, the first African-American to hold this office.

Another figure is that of Monsignor Silvano Tomasi, who was one of the most experienced diplomats in the Holy See, a former Vatican ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva and a testament to the pope’s commitment to multilateralism.

François does not forget, finally, Africa and has decided to promote the Archbishop of Kigali, Monsignor Antoine Kambanda, who will become the first Rwandan cardinal. Quite a symbol for this Tutsi whose family was decimated by the genocide in the country.


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