Pope thanks Sister Pimentel for serving migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border-Vatican News

In a video message sent to Sister Pimentel, the director of the Catholic Charity Organization of the Rio Grande Valley, the Pope thanked her for everything she had done for immigrants on the border between the United States and Mexico.

(Vatican News Network)Pope Francis said five times “thank you” in a video message sent to Sister Norma Pimentel, director of the Rio Grande Valley Catholic Charity Organization and Sister of the Mission of Jesus Christ on May 28th. Thank you. What the nuns did to receive immigrants. This Catholic charity is located on the border between the United States and Mexico, and many Latin American immigrants come here every day. The nun fulfilled her mission of serving immigrants in line with Jesus’ words: “I am a guest, and you accepted me”.

The Pope responded with a video message to the letter sent to him by Sister Pimentel on May 3. In this video, recorded in Spanish, the Pope thanked Sister Pimentel and her entire team for all they have done.The Pope said, “Thank you for receiving and taking in these immigrants“They came to seek a better life, to improve the status quo, and some people came to escape the real social hell. “Thank you nun, thank you for your team.”

Next, the Pope emphasized the four verbs for jointly responding to immigration emergencies: “receive, protect, accompany, and integrate”. He said: “Immigrants should be accepted, that is, they should be protected, they should be accompanied, and they should be able to integrate into society.” The Pope once again “thanks” Sister Pimentel and her team, “for everything you have done for those immigrants. They came to seek help to live a more dignified life with kindness”. The pope said at the end of the video message, “I am here to accompany you and pray for you and all those who accompany you in this work. May God bless you, and I ask you to pray for me. May God bless you in particular” .

In the United States, Sister Pimentel is a household name and is called the “angel” of immigrants. For 30 years, she has always been at the forefront, assisting refugees and immigrants in the strip separating Texas and Mexico. Sister Pimentel has been the executive director of the “Rio Grande Valley Catholic Charity Organization” since 2015. The organization also cooperates with Caritas International. According to the official website of the Catholic Charity Organization, the center has hosted more than 23,000 vulnerable people so far. Sister Pimentel made every effort to provide shelter for those in need 24 hours a day, and even provided 300 people with hot meals, showers and clean clothes at the same time. In addition, medicines and other services are also provided to those in need at the reception center. Sometimes, all these people need is a little comfort.

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