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“We’re in a third world war”, “thinking it’s between Russia and Ukraine”, or being divided into “good guys and bad guys” is a wrong idea. Pope Francis made the above remarks during a meeting with members of the Jesuit “Russian region” during his visit to Kazakhstan on September 15. The full text of the conversation was published on the webpage of the journal Catholic Civilization on September 29.

(Vatican News Network) to get rid of hatred in your heart: this is what Pope Francis said during his meeting with 19 Jesuits. During his recent visit to Kazakhstan, the Pope met with the Jesuits of the Jesuit “Russian region” at the Holy See embassy in Nur-Sultan to discuss the current conflict. “It’s the people, the people who suffer in the war. It leads to hatred,” he said, while “the people who start the war ignore humanity.”

“I think it’s wrong to think that there are good guys and bad guys in Westerns.” “This is a world war,” the Pope affirmed. “The dynamics of conflict need to be explored,” first and foremost “international factors that have an impact on the cause of the war.”

The Pope referred to a visit by a head of state to the Vatican last December, before the conflict, said he was worried, “because NATO went to the door of Russia shouting, not understanding that Russia is a big empire, they were worried about their borders. unsafe”.

Regarding the causes of the war, the Pope said, “It cannot be overly simplistic.” “I see the logic of imperialism in conflict,” he said. “As soon as they feel threatened and in decline, the imperialists react and think the solution is to start a war to reinvigorate themselves, but also to sell and test weapons. “.

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“From the first day until yesterday, I have been talking about this conflict, referring to the suffering in Ukraine”. This is what the Pope said to the Jesuits in the Russian region, noting that he went to the Russian embassy, ​​which is “not customary” for the Pope, but that his trip was motivated by being able to talk to President Putin and willing to open up ” A small window of conversation”.

The Pope also mentioned his telephone conversation with President Zelensky; Cards Cherny and Kraevsky, and Archbishop Gallagher’s mission in Ukraine; his own efforts to help Ukrainian prisoners of war . The Pope explained again that “I also had the idea of ​​being able to go”, “but it seems that God’s will is not to go immediately; however, we have to wait and see”.

“I call the invasion of Ukraine an unacceptable, repulsive, senseless, barbaric and blasphemous act of aggression,” the Pope said. “Civilians are the real victims, and they pay with their lives for the madness of the war”. “I speak about the girl who was killed,” the Pope added. The pope was referring to what he said after the murder of Darya Dugina, the daughter of Putin’s thinker Dugina.

“At this point, people forget everything I said before and just pay attention to this sentence. But I understand people’s reaction because they are suffering a lot.” “The Pope will not be angry if it is misunderstood, because I know the pain behind it.” The Pope told the Jesuits: “I don’t care that you defend the Pope, but that the people are comforted by you, the Pope’s brethren.”

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“What needs to be done is to show caring,” the Pope said. “The people must feel the care of the church”. “Caring is the style of God”.

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