Popular Consultation, exercise of collective memory

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The Popular Consultation to clarify political decisions made in past years by political actors, a To be held on August 1, it will be “an exercise in collective memory for Mexico”; However, the promoters of this initiative assure that the National Electoral Institute (INE) is setting up a “duckling consultation” with a third of the boxes used on June 6.

“Of course it is a pretext, so that the people of Mexico do an exercise in collective memory, so that we do not forget and so that the participation of the people becomes customary,” he told MILLENNIUM Morena’s general secretary, Citlalli Hernández.

On the other hand, the collaborator of MILLENNIUM, Epigmenio Ibarra, mentioned to this publishing house that:

“The first thing is to get 37 million votes for the consultation, without the support of the media, without money, with a referee who is not such and who is setting up a duckling consultation, with a third of the polls of the election.”

Meanwhile, the main promoter of the popular consultation, Omar García, exposed MILLENNIUM that although Mexico has the legal framework to prosecute former presidents, impunity prevails in the country.

“There are regulatory frameworks and thousands of beautiful laws in Mexico, but there is also a lot of impunity, 95 percent of complaints against anyone remain unpunishedIt is not so easy, they need a legitimate push for these trials to take place, it is also not the same to denounce your neighbor as a former president of the Republic ”, he mentioned.

To win the “yes” in consultation, the faculty would remain in the Judiciary: García

If the Popular Consultation is binding, the power to clarify political decisions made in past years by political actors it would remain in the Judiciary.

“If it turns out to be binding, they would have to start the lawsuits, ex officio or collective complaints against former presidents and some other figures from the past, ”said Omar García.

While Citlalli Hernández added that:

“The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation modified the question and the one supported was that an investigation process be initiated against any authority and It will be time for the Judiciary to initiate this process”. “I believe that those who denounce the popular consultation cannot be called democrats, the President of the Republic himself has mentioned that this consultation is linked to the struggle of the left, I believe that it will be a historic exercise, people want justice and talk about what has happened and that some voices have tried to silence “, added.



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