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KOMPAS.com – Doctors were forced to perform surgery on a teenage girl in England, with Rapunzel syndrome for eating his own hair in large quantities.

According to a report published February 9 in the journal BMJ Case Reports, the hair the teenager swallowed ended up becoming a large ball of hair and tearing off the wall of his stomach.

Question question rapunzel syndrome this is one of the topics popular Science Kompas.com Wednesday edition (17/2/2021).

Another popular topic, last week CDC The US issued the latest guidelines for the use of masks to prevent Covid-19 from hiding the world under ice Antartika which is rarely known to people.

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The following is a review of the popular science news Kompas.com that you deserve to see.

1. Rapunzel syndrome make girls eat their own hair

Hair follicles found in the abdomen of adolescents with rapunzel syndrome.

Jackman et al, BMJ Case Reports, 2021/SCIENCE ALERT Hair follicles found in the abdomen of adolescents with rapunzel syndrome.

According to a report published February 9 in the journal BMJ Case Reports, a girl with Rapunzel syndrome has a habit of eating large amounts of her own hair.

The hair that the teenager swallowed eventually became a large ball that tore through the wall of his stomach.

As quoted from Science Alert, Tuesday (16/2/2021) hair ball is oval with a length of about 48 centimeters.

The teenager was diagnosed with Rapunzel syndrome, in which a ball of hair in the stomach has spread to the intestines.

Read more about the story of the teenager with Rapunzel syndrome here:

With Rapunzel Syndrome, this teenager has a habit of eating her own hair

2. The CDC’s newest guide to wearing masks

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued the latest guidelines on wearing masks to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

According to the CDC report and the most recent guide on its website, there are two methods that can substantially increase protection from viruses.

First wear a double or double mask. The point is to use a cloth mask over a disposable surgical mask.

Second, increasing the suitability of the mask to the face. You do this by knotting the mask strap near the face, then inserting it into the ear to prevent air leaking around the edge of the mask.

Read the complete guide to preventing Covid-19 here:

CDC’s New Guide to Preventing Covid-19, Use the Right Mask or Double

3. Characteristics of a healthy baby in the womb

Honeyriko Pregnant illustration

It is very important to maintain health during pregnancy, to prevent various growth and development disorders in the fetus in the womb, even miscarriage.

There are many signs of a healthy pregnancy. But the first way to know if your baby is healthy or not is to know your own health. If you want the baby to be healthy, you have to be healthy yourself.

Dr. Grace Valentine, Sp.OG, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology RS Pondok Indah explained four characteristics of a healthy fetus in the womb, including:

  • Fetal growth according to gestational age
  • Active fetal movement
  • Normal heart rate
  • The amount of amniotic fluid is sufficient

Find out more about the characteristics of a healthy fetus below:

New Series So Parents: Characteristics of Healthy Babies in Gynecology

4. The hidden world beneath Antarctica

Geological scientists who were collecting sediment samples on the Antarctic seabed stumbled across something surprising.

In the darkness and freezing temperatures, they found a rock filled with unidentified animals under the Antarctic ice that has probably never been seen before.

As quoted from Live Science, On Tuesday (16/2/2021) to collect sediment samples the geologist set up camp on the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, a large chunk of floating ice in the southeastern Weddell Sea.

There they spend hours shoveling snow and using hot water to make narrow holes through the ice.

What’s under the Antarctic ice? Read more here:

Scientists discover a world hidden deep beneath Antarctic ice


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