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The MPLA Police said today that the use of force in demonstrations “often results from disobedience by the citizens”, stating that the police are called to “guarantee the free exercise of meetings or interdict violent demonstrations”.

By Orlando Castro

“AND In the first place, the police are called to guarantee the free exercise of meetings and / or demonstrations, in second place, the police can be called to interdict those demonstrations that violate the law on meetings and demonstrations ”, the director of the office responded today to Lusa. of Studies, Information and Analysis of the General Command of the Angolan Police, José Carlos da Piedade.

According to the MPLA Police Commissioner, in a demonstration the police are called to act in two perspectives and the repression appears in demonstrations “that are violent at the outset or those that in general can violate fundamental rights of the citizens”.

“The use of force often results from disobedience by the citizens,” he said today, in Luanda, on the sidelines of the launching of the MPLA Police’s 44th anniversary festivities.

August 2016. In a commission interview to the official bulletin of the regime (Jornal de Angola), the judge-adviser of the Military Court (of the MPLA), general António dos Santos Neto “Patónio”, considered that the FAA military (under command of General Wala) who murdered teenager António Rufino, which took place in Zango, acted in self-defense.

The judge-adviser-president of the Military Tribunal of the MPLA was absolutely right. Just like José Carlos da Piedade today. The military on duty in Zango were, after all, heavily armed … only with fans (to face the heat) and, therefore, found themselves in danger when the pissed off Rufino took out of his pocket an entire arsenal capable of defeating the Army itself … Islamic .

In addition, as General “Patónio” certainly knew, Rufino was hit “in flagrante delicto” when he was preparing for a criminal activity, showing “preparatory acts for the practice of rebellion and attack against the President of the Republic”. Exactly the same scenario as the protesters who were challenging Judge Manico’s inauguration as the chief of the National Elections Commission.

In view of this, the military had no alternative. They shot a very dangerous terrorist named António Rufino. In fact, these or this military should be promoted. It is the least that the regime can do for him. As should be promoted José Carlos da Piedade.

In this blatant crime, as the report in the possession of the judge-counselor of the MPLA Military Court certainly holds, the military discovered in the hands of the young Rufino a variety of war material, highly lethal, the case of BIC ball pens (blue), a charcoal pencil (red), blocks of paper (white) and, as far as Folha 8 learned at the time, a (pocket) book on how to overthrow dictatorships.

It is also known that General Wala’s military discovered that the dangerous young activist had missiles hidden in mechanical pencils, Kalashnikovs camouflaged on his cell phone and other heavy and lethal weaponry disguised in his notebooks. It was, admittedly, more than enough evidence to prove that he was preparing a coup. Exactly the same with the “terrorists” who were challenging Judge Manico.

In view of this, the military had no alternative. They shot a very dangerous terrorist named António Rufino. Self-defense, pure and simple, according to General “Patónio”.

The young man was at his headquarters in Zango, by the way a strong terrorist structure disguised as precarious housing, at a meeting of his military strategists who planned – like the Revús – a coup from reading the book “From dictatorship to democracy – Uma conceptual framework for liberation ”, by the American Gene Sharp.

Further in the backyard, under a zinc covering, the terrorist army mobilized by the young Rufino (perhaps a few thousand guerrillas, not General “Patónio”?) Tuned the codes for launching the missiles and, perhaps, even nuclear warheads. against the residence of MPLA President Emeritus, Eduardo dos Santos.

In view of this, the military had no alternative. They shot a very dangerous terrorist named António Rufino. Self-defense, pure and simple, according to General “Patónio”.

With all this wealth of evidence, the judge-counselor-president of the Military Court of the MPLA had no doubts. It was self-defense. Therefore, it will not be difficult for the servants of General “Patónio” to prove that the young Rufino was involved (he would even be the commander) in a conspiracy for the “removal of the President of the Republic and other sovereign bodies”.

It was not difficult to know what the MPLA’s Public Ministry, with the support of the MPLA Military Tribunal, wrote in the analysis of the case. It will be something like: “The facts described clearly show that the victim had participated in meetings with a view to devising strategies and actions, such as demonstrations, strikes and generalized civil disobedience, leading to the removal of the Government and the President of the Republic”.

They will also say that the young Rufino led meetings in Zango that aimed to “mobilize the ideal popular masses to discredit the governance of the Angolan executive”.

Still with the investigative acumen of the best experts in the country, it will once again be possible to conclude that in these “consultation meetings”, Rufino was preparing the war machine to “depose political power in Angola”.

The MPLA Military Tribunal also did not escape the conspiratorial analysis of the frustrated (as Eduardo dos Santos himself called the youth) of Zango, attentive readers of a “supposed work by Domingos da Cruz with the title“ Tools to destroy the dictator and prevent new dictatorship: Philosophy for the liberation of Angola ”, an adaptation of Gene Sharp’s book“ From Dictatorship to Democracy ”.

Pedagogically, or if we weren’t all matumbos, the MPLA Military Tribunal explained that this work “inspired the so-called revolutions in the countries of Eastern Europe, Nordic, African countries, such as Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Egypt and Libya, whose consequences of so disastrous left countries stricken completely in disgrace, destroyed by vandalism and the wars that followed ”.

The Military Court of the MPLA had, of course, no difficulty in proving that the young Rufino gave classes to his followers in which he “explained the methodology and objectives to be pursued and prepared actions for the removal of the President of the Republic, to which he would follow the creation of a transitional government ”.

“Young Rufino planned to form a national salvation government and draft a new constitution,” said experts from generals “Patónio” and Wala, showing that the terrorist Rufino even had people working on a new government and a new constitution. It is work, recognize it.


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