Porsche reveals the technical characteristics of the future 911 GT3

While waiting for its official lifting of the veil, the German manufacturer reveals several information on the future new Porsche 911 GT3, the most radical version of the 911.

Porsche will soon launch the most extreme version of the 911, namely the GT3. In the meantime, the German manufacturer unveils several information about it. First, the atmospheric block of 4 liters will receive an evolution with a red zone at 9000 rev / min whose power is not yet revealed but it would be around 510 hp as on the 991 Speedstrer. There will be two transmission possibilities: a six-speed manual gearbox and a dual-clutch PDK robotic gearbox with the ability to change gears via the lever.

The body of the car is designed with a new spoiler concept that generates more downforce without compromising top speed to improve aerodynamics. To also gain in lightness, the stripped interior is equipped with carbon fairings, less sound insulation and lighter windows. Finally, on the dashboard, the meter has a special tracking mode and a new gearbox ratio indicator. It is fitted with 20-inch rims at the front and 21-inch for the rear wheels, and the tires and brakes are getting bigger.

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