Porsche Taycan base model in the test: Better not to get in

Ghappy is the one who never drives a Porsche. After that, it will be difficult to ever drive another car. Power delivery, steering, brakes, comfort, sportiness, hardly any other brand brings all this under one hood as well as the Zuffenhausen-based company. This also applies to the age that now seems to be picking up speed with an electric drive. Porsche developed a four-door sports car early on and christened it the Taycan. It should drive quickly, but above all also charge quickly, and it should lower the various hurdles of everyday electrical life as low as possible.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

We have already gained some experience in the higher-quality equipment levels and now wanted to know how it is at the base. It has rear-wheel instead of all-wheel drive and comparatively modest performance. Although Porsche didn’t have the heart to show us bare sobriety in the yard, but instead added a performance battery.

For 5724 euros, this makes 326 up to 380 hp and 71 kWh of usable battery capacity 83.7 kWh. We suspect most customers decided the same way. According to the standard, the range is 433 kilometers, and the power is transmitted via a two-speed gearbox on the rear axle that does not always move smoothly.

If you want more cargo space, take the Cross Turismo.

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Porsche Taycan

It goes without saying that a Porsche drives quickly and safely, but that it does the same as an electric car is not. Because beyond 120 km / h, most of the power-supplied drives capitulate, increasing the driver’s blood pressure through excessive consumption. With the Taycan, on the other hand, you can keep 160 km / h on the motorway for longer periods of time. We covered a distance of 330 kilometers without hesitation. By then, at the latest, a fast charging station is needed that can generate up to 270 kW when powered instead of 225. It may be that a long stop or two short stops are more efficient.

For example, we charged 15 minutes twice from Frankfurt to Munich. The navigation system calculates the best strategy. This is strongly recommended and exemplary for anyone who does not offer such a system. The test consumption was 26.8 kWh. The agile, finely crafted Taycan puts you in a good mood when you drive. Better we never got on. Now we are looking for 139,000 euros. Including extras, for the basic model.


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