Porsche’s great-grandson wants to bring its own range of electric cars onto the market

New sports car
Porsche great-grandchildren on their own mission: electric car range with powerful batteries

An announcement to Porsche? The Piëch GT should appear in the coming years

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Porsche could get new competition. Of all people, Porsche’s great-grandson Toni Piëch wants to bring a range of electric cars onto the market on his own mission – with noteworthy properties. The sports cars should convince, among other things, with a powerful battery.

Toni Piëch aims to produce his own sports cars with his start-up, Piëch. The great-grandson of Ferdinand Porsche wants to bring his first car onto the market in 2024, which so far bears the project name “Piëch GT”.

According to the Swiss company, the vehicle will be fully electric and will be equipped with a 75 kWh battery with pouch cells based on lithium-ion technology. This means that the two-seater car should have a range of 500 kilometers. Piëch also advertises with an above-average charging performance.

“Thanks to close cooperation with our partner in China, we were able to find a solution that enables full charges in less than five minutes. With regard to the subsequent series production and shorter procurement routes for the charging stations, Piëch decided to secure the development with German partners”, says Klaus Schmidt from the German development team, previously head of the M sports brand at BMW. At the conventional CCS2 fast charging station, the Piëch GT should charge its battery to 80 percent in eight minutes up to 30 minutes.

Piëch’s e-car should weigh no more than 1,800 kilograms and have three engines of 150 kW (204 hp) each – one on the front axle and two on the rear axle. Overall, the Piëch GT should appear with 450 kW (611 PS) and accelerate from 0 to 100 in under three seconds. The company announces that the sports car will have a “timeless design”.

Three electric car models planned

The Piëch GT was presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show 2019. After that it was quiet about the start-up of co-founder and CEO Toni Piëch. The Piëch GT has now successfully started the test phase, as the company announced at the beginning of October. In mid-2024, the sports car is expected to be the first in a series of three sporty variants to hit the market. In the first year, the start-up plans to produce 1200 units of the e-sports car, which is expected to cost around 200,000 euros – almost double that of a technically comparable Porsche Taycan 4S. An SUV is to follow in 2025, and a four-seater sedan in 2026.

New sports car: Porsche great-grandchildren on their own mission: electric car range with powerful batteries

To make this happen, Piëch has relocated the development of the vehicle battery from China to Germany and opened a test center at Memmingen Airport. Piëch works with 50 suppliers. The head of the German development team, Schmidt, says: “The second prototype will be completed by March next, another series of several prototypes is to follow in 2022, based on the test results of which a further batch of prototypes will then be built in 2023.”

Porsche’s great-grandchild wants to sell sports cars worldwide

Production is to take place at two locations. You can choose from Magna in Austria, Valmet in Finland or the car manufacturer NedCar in the Netherlands. If the market launch of the Piëch GT is successful, the car will be established and go on sale in the most important EU markets, the USA and China as well as other non-European markets. Registration for the reservation is already possible online. Although Piëch still has a process of several years ahead of the market launch of his first planned car, Toni Piëch is already flexible: “We’ll start with electric vehicles, but if the hydrogen drive and fuel cell achieve their breakthrough, we can thanks to our modular vehicle -Architecture react flexibly. “

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