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Portuguese Interior Minister resigns after fatal accident caused by his official vehicle

The Portuguese Minister of the Interior, Eduardo Cabrita, has presented his resignation this Friday after the prosecution has accused his driver of negligent homicide. The events occurred on June 18, when the official car in which Cabrita was traveling fatally run over a worker on a section of the A6 motorway under construction. The investigation concludes that the vehicle was traveling at more than 160 kilometers per hour -when the limit set for that road was 120 kilometers per hour- and that there are Sufficient evidence to charge the driver.

The former minister has taken this decision so as not to harm the government or the prime minister, António Costa, less than two months before the legislative elections. “I cannot allow this political advantage It is absolutely intolerable for it to be used to penalize the Government, the Prime Minister or the Socialist Party ”, Cabrita said at a press conference. Shortly after, Costa appeared before the media to confirm the resignation, although he recalled that the minister is not affected by the accusation.

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“The accusation exclusively affects the driver, who has the right to the presumption of innocence,” said Costa, who has insisted that no one is above the law and has appealed for the independence of justice. The first Minister has denied having pressed to Cabrita, despite the fact that a few hours before the minister had affirmed to the media that he was “just a passenger.” The Interior representative, however, was already on the brink of other scandals, such as the death in police custody of a Ukrainian citizen at the Lisbon airport.

Cabrita took office in 2017 after his predecessor resigned for the serious fires occurred that year in the interior of the country, which ended the lives of more than a hundred people. Despite the resignation, the former minister has made a “positive” balance of his four years in office, highlighting the good crime figures recorded in the country in recent years.


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