Portuguese Premier League-Portuguese Sports suffered their first loss of the season, 2-3 upset to Santa Clara_Cabral_League_Home Team

Original title: Portuguese Premier League-Portuguese sports suffered the first loss of the season 2-3 upset to Santa Clara

Xinhua News Agency, Lisbon, January 7 (Chen Baiqiao) The Portuguese sports team visited the Azores on the evening of the 7th and lost 2:3 to the Santa Clara team in the 17th round of the Portuguese Super League. This is also the first defeat of the Lisbon “Green Lions” in the league this season.

Portuguese coach Amorim was unable to take command due to the new crown, and Polo and Cabral were sidelined due to injuries. For the home team, Japanese midfielder Morita Hidesaka started and played the entire game.

Only 10 minutes into the game, Portugal international Palinha took the lead with a powerful long shot. In the 30th minute, Patrick grabbed a point in the penalty area and headered the home team to equalize the score.

Easy side to fight again, the Portuguese body took the lead again in the 49th minute. Goncalves made an accurate long pass and the Spaniard Saravia volleyed into the net from a small angle on the right side of the penalty area. Just 1 minute later, the home team’s midfielder Lincoln scored with a left-footed shot in the penalty area, and the two sides drew again. In the 78th minute, the home team launched a quick counterattack. Lincoln assisted Ricadinho who came off the bench to score and overtake the score. In stoppage time, the Portuguese player Bragança stepped on his opponent and was sent off with a red card. In the end, the Portuguese sports team was reversed 2:3, and the unbeaten record of the league came to an end.Return to Sohu to see more


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