Possible health hazard – authorities are closing restaurants immediately due to Grüsel conditions

The authorities in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden closed a restaurant with immediate effect last Thursday, July 15th. They do not indicate which restaurant it is. A complaint has been filed with the public prosecutor’s office against the operator.

The cantonal authorities write of “serious hygiene deficiencies” that were found during a food inspection. In addition, the labor inspectorate was involved in the matter. This controlled the work permits of the employees under alien law. It turned out that an employee was working illegally in the company. The woman is now threatened with deportation. In pictures, which the Canton Chancellery Ausserrhoden enclosed in a media release, rotten mozzarella and moldy broccoli can be seen. During the inspection, the officials found a “great disorder”, poor cleaning and misleading information about the origin of the food.

The operator of the restaurant can now correct the deficiencies. The authorities are holding out the prospect of reopening the restaurant. However, the innkeeper will have to reckon with “close-knit” and “always unannounced” controls in the future. According to the canton authorities, only a few times a year the authorities have to close one of the 800 companies in the canton. The prerequisite is that a health hazard cannot be ruled out. In factories that process cheese and meat, as well as in hospitals and old people’s homes, regular checks are carried out.

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