Postponement of the cabinet session that was scheduled for today to discuss the investigation file of the explosion in the port of Beirut

Al-Jadeed’s information revealed that contacts have been underway since yesterday to find a way out of the division in the cabinet between the Shiite and Marada duo with the President of the Republic’s team, after the Shiite and Marada duo requested the hand of the judicial investigator in the case of the Beirut port incident, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar.

The Shiite duo’s sources warned via Al-Jadeed that “Judge Tariq Bitar is heading to accuse Hezbollah of the crime of bombing the port, and the party cannot bear the consequences of a crime it did not commit.”

The sources added, “What is required is to stop Al-Bitar from investigating. Otherwise, the Shiite and Marada duo will suspend their participation in today’s session, provided that there are other steps to suspend their participation in the government.”

The sources of Presidents Michel Aoun and Najib Mikati also revealed to Al-Jadeed that a solution paper is being worked on.

He confirmed Al-Jadeed’s information that if a solution is not reached, the cabinet session can be postponed today, otherwise the Shiite and Marada duo will not attend.

The sources of the Shiite duo stressed to Al-Jadeed that the appointment of Judge Bitar came by decree, and he could also stop his hand by decree, although the best formula is to decide the matter in the Supreme Judicial Council.

Al-Jadeed’s correspondent indicated that “the president of the republic is insisting on the separation of powers and the decision must be taken from a judicial reference” and stressed that “the prime minister is working to resolve the dispute between the Shiite duo and the president of the republic.” She pointed out that “the President of the Republic left the session yesterday angry, saying that no party can threaten to resort to the street.”


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