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2023-06-08 18:39:45

On the 7th, at the opening ceremony of the 2023 World Potash Fertilizer Conference held in Golmud, Qinghai, Sukansa Sisu, director of the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources of the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Laos, mentioned that Laos’ potash reserves exceeded 10 billion tons.

“The audience next to me has their eyes straight.” A trader who has been engaged in potash imports for many years said that this is a very big investment opportunity. In addition to potash mining, there are many upstream and downstream industries worth exploring.

Salt Lake sharesVice President Ma Lichun said on the 8th,Salt Lake sharesTo establish a stable continuation of overseas salt lake resources, we must go out on behalf of the national strategy to achieve sustainable development.

The reserves of potash resources in China are limited. After years of mining, the resource depletion is obvious, and protective mining is required. Some enterprises have voluntarily reduced their annual output. At the same time, Laos, which is adjacent to my country by land, continues to report good news:Potassium InternationalandOriental Towerhave achieved a production capacity of one million tons,Potassium InternationalThere is still one million tons of production capacity under construction this year, and the future goal is to achieve 5 million tons of production capacity;Oriental TowerIt is also necessary to build another 2 million tons of production capacity, and achieve a cumulative production capacity of 3 million tons. in addition,Zangge MiningInvest and build 2 million tons of production capacity in Laos.

By simple calculation, the production capacity of the above three companies in Laos will reach 10 million tons. China’s annual import volume is about 8 million tons, and the annual output of the above three companies in Laos will exceed the domestic annual import volume in the future.

The three companies can plan such a high production capacity because the three companies have a large resource reserve.

for example,Potassium InternationalAnd its wholly-owned subsidiary Zhongnong International has a total reserve of 1.002 billion tons of potassium ore resources, equivalent to 152 million tons of pure potassium chloride resources. Has exceeded the domestic potash reserves.

Zangge Co., Ltd. only acquired mines from Laos this year. The potassium salt mining area covers an area of ​​about 400 square kilometers. According to the existing exploration data, it is preliminarily estimated that the reserves of potassium chloride resources are 600 million tons.Oriental TowerIt has worked in Laos for many years and has a total reserve of 400 million tons of potash resources.

It can be said that private enterprises have become the pioneers of going global, and have successfully developed resources in Laos and achieved mass production.

“State-owned enterprises are a bit late in this regard.” An industry insider said that private enterprises have obtained very good resources, and state-owned enterprises are too cautious.

It is understood that on May 25,Salt Lake sharesVice President Yu Qiuping, Vice President Ma Lichun, Chief Engineer He YongpingexecutivesWent to Potassium International Laos for on-site inspection and exchange, and Guo Baichun, chairman of Potassium International, andexecutivesThe team held talks.

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In addition, Salt Lake plans to recruit 2 professional managers at the deputy general level in the near future, one of whom is in the direction of geological exploration and mining, and is mainly responsible for the exploration and technical negotiation of overseas potassium/lithium mineral resources; the other is in the direction of overseas investment and finance, responsible for Overseas equitymergers and acquisitions,Capital operation,fundmanagement and financial cooperation.

There are various indications that Salt Lake has decided to go overseas to acquire mines and increase resource reserves. The reporter asked the internal personnel of Salt Lake shares, saying that there has been no actual action yet.

The 8thsecuritiesA reporter from Times·e Company asked Sukantha Sisu that many Chinese-funded enterprises have gone to Laos to obtain potash resources, and whether there is still a chance to go to Laos now. He said, “There are still many opportunities.”

The potash reserves in Laos exceed 10 billion tons, which means that there are still many resources that have not been invited for external bidding.

Potash resources in Laos are mainly distributed in the Vientiane Basin and the Nakhon Ratchasima Basin in Khammung Province. Due to the presence of soluble spar in the potash mines in the Vientiane Basin and restrictions on the mining process, the potash mines in the Vientiane Basin have not yet produced products. Potash deposits in the Nakhon Ratchasima Basin of Khan-Mong Province have almost no overflow spar, shallow burial and thick ore bodies, and the mining conditions are good.

(Article source: Securities Times)

Article source: Securities Times

Original title: Potash reserves in Laos exceed 10 billion tons, and there are still opportunities for Chinese companies to seek gold

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