Potion Party proposes playing with alchemy on PC and PlayStation 4

FusionPlay has announced that its cooperative game of Alchemite, Potion Party, is launched not only in PC, but also on the PlayStation 4 console. Her debut is scheduled for the winter months, but for now there is no specific date confirmed.

The game takes us to a magic world of potions that puts us in an alchemy shop. The user must cultivate fruits and use them to produce the most demanded potions, earn gold and unlock new features with special abilities.

Similarly, the user can decorate the store with all kinds of objects, although you will also have to know how to defend yourself from intruders and enemies.

The title features cooperative side local multiplayer option, although there is also a versus mode to face friends. In addition to the story mode, there is an endless mode and the aforementioned multiplayer mode.

Little by little the user unlocks more content and surprises, estimating the study of I develop that this will require five to ten hours for the players, thanks to all the surprises that are to be unlocked as the title’s story progresses.


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