Power outages in Labé: the Collective for the Defense of Consumers gives an ultimatum to the authorities

On the morning of this Thursday, March 30, 2023, a movement called Collective for the Defense of Consumers of Labé to regional, prefectural and municipal authorities. Composed of members of civil society, the workers’ union and youth leaders from the 28 neighborhoods of the urban commune, the delegation drew their attention to the power outages that the capital of Fouta is currently experiencing. Through a memorandum submitted to the authorities but also to representatives of the company Electricité de Guinée (EDG), they are sounding the alarm and giving an ultimatum to the authorities, reports the correspondent of Guineematin.com based in the prefecture.

Mamadou Diouldé Diallo, spokesperson for the collective for the defense of consumers in Labé

The Collective for the Defense of Consumers of Labé first started with the prefecture to express the ills from which the population suffers. Spokesperson Mamadou Diouldé Diallo explained the difficulties caused by the load shedding. “In recent months, the populations of Labé have been faced with unprecedented power cuts. Despite these power cuts, which are carried out in full view of all the authorities, the citizens pay their bills regularly, without having adequate power. And the rare times that this commodity is served to the population, it is with a lower voltage than normal.

While Guineans are currently going through an unprecedented economic situation, many mothers, sisters and brothers who use electricity in their daily activities have seen their turnover impacted with sometimes considerable losses. And the traditional turn-to-turn no longer exists. But, the bills always fall. It’s time for this to stop. Concerned about maintaining peace and social tranquility, the Collective for the Defense of Consumers (CODEC) of Labé demands the resumption of electricity supply to the city before Tuesday, April 4, 2023″, launched Mamadou Diouldé Diallo, director Municipality of the Youth of Labé.

Colonel Étienne Tounkara, prefect of Labé

In response, the prefect of Labé promised to transmit the contents of the memorandum to whom it may concern. “I begin by thanking you for coming calmly to raise your problem. It is often said that there is no problem that has no solution. But, it would still be necessary to know what are the causes of the problems, and what is the situation. This electrical business is of interest to everyone, not just you. It has been said that for any development, there are things that should not be missing. This is the case for electricity, water and roads. Everyone is aware of the effort that the government is making to satisfy the population in this area.

But, not everything can be rosy at the same time. Let’s talk about home here, when this current shedding problem started to feel, the authority got interested. For those who were with me yesterday at the central Garambé, they understood that the authority did not sit idly by. We were interested in EDG, what is the real problem and if there are problems, we must communicate. The problem they had posed, I believe, was a lack of fuel. But from scramble to scramble, I think they got the fuel yesterday and they started serving.

And here is yet another problem that you just mentioned that we didn’t know about. If there is also this current, the voltage is not normal. We still have to go back to the basics to understand what is the fact that the voltage varies… In order not to put the cart before the horse too much, you have posed the problem, we are going to go back to it and we are going to invite those who are really interested, they will explain to us correctly what the real problem is in supplying the city with quality electricity, ”suggested Colonel Étienne Tounkara.

De Labé, Alpha Boubacar Diallo for Guineematin.com

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