Powerful explosion in the heart of Madrid: at least two dead

An explosion heavily damaged a multi-story building in downtown Madrid, Spain on Wednesday, leaving several people dead and injured.

The cause of this explosion which blew up the upper part of the building on Toledo Street, which then collapsed, raising a column of smoke and dust in the city sky is unknown for the moment.

Authorities do not yet know how many people were in the building when the explosion that blew up four floors of the building occurred.

At least two people were killed and a dozen others were injured, according to a preliminary report. The Sexta television channel reports at least 4 deaths.

Rescuers come to the aid of two women shaken by the powerful explosion.

Photo : Reuters / SUSANA VERA

Rescuers are also busy evacuating residents of a home for the elderly located just next to the building. Residents of several buildings around were also evacuated as a precaution.

According to the mayor of the Spanish capital, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, the first information gathered suggests that the explosion could have been caused by a gas leak.

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