Prachinburi reports 243 new cases of COVID-19 from cluster at construction sites – industrial plants

Prachinburi reports 243 new cases of COVID-19 from cluster at construction sites – industrial plants

at 2:30 p.m. on September 25 Mr. Chokchai Sakornpanich, Prachinburi Provincial Public Health Doctor, Member and Secretary of the Communicable Disease Committee, Prachinburi Province Announcement of the epidemic situation of coronavirus disease 2019: 243 new cases of coronavirus disease 2019 have been identified, 13,804 of which are accumulated in the area, 915 infected outside the area for treatment, 1 infected from abroad. In 3 prisons, Prachinburi province has accumulated patients (ripple, April 2021) from April 1 to September 25, 2021, a total of 14,723 cases were admitted to the hospital. High-risk close contacts have been tracked and tested in Prachinburi Province.

Classified by cluster, 243 new cases added today
(Confirmed case No. 14,481 – 14,723) is an out-of-field patient who came for examination and treatment, number 1, linked to Western Digital Company Cluster : WD, 37 cases linked to Takane Electronics cluster, 15 cases linked to construction cluster Tha Tum (new ripple) number 10 connects clusters of Alpine Technology, number 8 connects TPV clusters, new ripples, number 8, connects clusters of Arcelic Hitachi, Kabinburi District, number 7 Connect the company cluster Suraphon Nichirei Foods Co., Ltd., number 6, connected to a cluster of 4 Thai Foods Group companies
Cluster of Lactasoy Co., Ltd. (Prachinburi Plant) 3 persons linking Haier Cluster 3 persons Connecting Cluster of Unica Lech 3 persons
Connect 3 clusters of Tenma (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Connect 3 clusters of Surapon Supreme Foods
Connect to the cluster of 2 Saha Serene companies
Connect 2 CANON company clusters
Connecting 2 clusters of Watthanapaisan
Connect 1 Noventa Cluster
Of the 85 people with a history of close contact with a previous confirmed case, 40 had met the criteria, tested positive for ATK, and were under investigation.

distribution of patients 11 cases outside the province, 20 cases in Mueang Prachin Buri District, 62 cases in Kabin Buri District, 33 in Na Di District, 4 in Ban Sang District, 24 in Prachantakham District, 86 in Si Maha Phot District, Si Maho District. 3 locations

would like to inform the public relations of the risky places of infected people for every risk location that appears in every patient’s timeline Public health officials and disease control officers gave advice to agencies, shops, establishments To clean the place and equipment Ready to strictly follow the measures to control and prevent the Coronavirus Disease 2019

If anyone suspects that they have been in contact with an infected person or go to places that are at risk of contracting COVID-19, please observe yourself If you or someone close to you has a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose. Shortness of breath. Difficulty breathing. Please inform the village headman, village headman, hospital staff. Or go to a hospital near your home and report the risk history.

From the situation of corona virus infection 2019 in Prachinburi Province, it was found that the cause was caused by eating together with ordination, funeral, social gatherings. not wearing a mask
sanitation and travel to risky places. In addition, in the disease control surveillance, high-risk contacts were examined, round 2-4, there were still infections.

therefore asking for cooperation in refraining from eating together Both at work and at home
Choose to eat one-dish meals or as a set for one person, keep distance, and wear a mask when leaving the house. or when talking

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