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2023-12-08 13:36:24

There is hardly any piece of clothing that is as versatile as a throw. Depending on the style and design, ponchos and capes can be used for leisure, at home or while strolling through the city. There are simple and elegant versions for outside and inside. And practical textiles have also become an indispensable part of the world’s major catwalks.

A poncho for many occasions

One of the most versatile pieces of clothing is the poncho. The practical throws are available for men, women and children. They can be used universally and are not tied to a specific season. The warm models made of soft wool are ideal for cold winter days. Ponchos made of thinner fabric are ideal for the transitional period and for cool summer nights. In addition, many people use a poncho around the house, for example when they retreat to their reading corner and snuggle up in their armchair. If the warm poncho covers your shoulders, it is much more comfortable. Many people use these items of clothing for a variety of purposes. Timeless designs that harmonize with other nuances and styles offer clear advantages. The ponchos for men and women are clever with two different reversible designs. One side is plain, the other is patterned. Hoods and pockets increase comfort and functionality. If you are looking for a universally applicable model with a reversible function, you will find more information here.

The poncho: fashionable garment with tradition

The original home of the poncho is the Andean region. The indigenous population used the garments even before colonization by the Spanish to protect themselves from cold and moisture in the high mountains. The simple yet functional cut offers maximum freedom of movement. With their colorful patterns, the ponchos with the sombrero are also part of traditional Mexican fashion. In the 1960s, hippies discovered the poncho and it became a popular accessory that embodies lightness and a good mood. Over time, more and more fashion designers liked the simple thing. Star designers like Gucci and Valentino took on the poncho and gave it a sophisticated touch. Since then, ponchos have been available in single-color versions and made from different materials, such as velvet and fur.

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Poncho, Tunika, Cape?

Even though the prototype comes from the Andes, there have always been garments with a similar structure. The cape is ultimately just a cover-up. Cape and poncho are similar because in both versions the material flows loosely over the shoulders. While the poncho is closed all around and only has an opening for the head, the capes are open at the front. The cape is placed over the shoulders so that it remains open at the front, overlaps slightly or can be closed with buttons. In this sense, the garment is reminiscent of a stole, a larger shawl. The tunic is something completely different. This is actually a loose-fitting shirt with sleeves that often extends over the hips. In the Middle Ages, people wore a capa, a poncho-like cover, over their tunic. However, many beach tunics are sleeveless and are actually not tunics at all, but ponchos. Be that as it may, throws of this type offer enormous practical benefits and, above all, they are one thing: super comfortable!

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