Prada surprised at the closing of the men’s fashion week in Milan

MKyle MacLachlan walks the runway at the Prada show during Milan Men’s Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022/2023 (Getty)

Ended another day of men’s fashion and Prada made an impact with the convening of two important Hollywood figures such as Jeff Goldblum y Kyle MacLachlan to put a note of optimism to a week marked by cancellations due to the increase in COVID-19 cases that affect all of Europe.

The surprising presence of the renowned actors marked the second physical show by founder Miuccia Prada and her co-creative director Raf Simons, after the latter was incorporated at the beginning of 2020, sealing a unique union of two of the most influential and important designers in the fashion industry.

The collective production achieved the applause of the critics and especially this autumn-winter 2022 collection was also applauded for its distinctive stamp. Based on the uniform concept Like their spurs, Prada and Simons elevated boilersuits in silk, leather and cotton technology, and faded the rose print, replacing the classic, traditional shirt and tie and offering a new energy and reality. “a younger attitude“, He said Simons a The Guardian.

Jeff Goldblum walks the runway at the Prada show (Getty Images)
Jeff Goldblum walks the runway at the Prada show (Getty Images)

Outerwear occupied a fundamental place in trench coats and utilitarian parkas with shearling panels. The accessories, designed to vibrate the universe of social networks, came in the form of compartmentalized backpacks, fluorescent gloves and miniature pocket belts in Prada’s signature triangle.

“The collection celebrates the idea of ​​working in all the different spheres and meanings”, He said Prada, emphasizing the importance of formal work and the wardrobe that he imagines represents him. And I add: “Through these garments we emphasize that everything a human being does is important. Every aspect of reality can be graceful and dignified; elevated and celebrated”.

The hearing of more than 200 guestsShe was socially distanced. In addition to Goldblum and MacLachlan at the presentation of the collection, it was possible to enjoy the presence of young actors Thomas Brodie-Sangster, the star of Queen’s Gambit; Asa Butterfield, leader of Sex Education and Ashton Sanders, actor of Moonlight. For Prada, actors are interpreters of reality employed to echo the truth through their performances. “Real men, recognized figures, bring a new facet of realityPrada added.

Unfortunately the Italian fashion week did not go as planned. The highest profile designer, Giorgio Armani, was one of those who decided to cancel their parades namesakes and Emporio Armani, after reflecting on the progress of the epidemiological situation.

Outerwear took center stage at the Prada show (Getty Images)
Outerwear took center stage at the Prada show (Getty Images)

Carlo Capasa, president of the governing body of Italian fashion, the Camera della Moda (CNMI), for his part, pointed out that, Despite respecting Armani’s decision, it is necessary to find ways to promote live events that facilitate face-to-face interaction and generate income in the Italian fashion industry.

Given the situation, we are doing the best we can at the moment and have shown that we can handle the situation.Capasa said. In this sense, he referred to the strict distancing, FFP2 masks and proof of complete vaccination that were required in the 16 physical shows.

In general terms, fashion week must continue to give the signal that the industry needs. It is very important as it is the second largest industry in this country and we have 1.2 million people working in fashion in Italy. We don’t know how long it will take to get out of the current situation, so it’s about finding a balance between real life and security”, Capasa concluded.


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