Praise Ustaz Abdul Somad Bikin Fatimah Salting, Netizen Auto Baper


Master Abdul Somad has married a woman named Fatimah Az Zahra on 28 April. Two months since becoming husband and wife, their romance was recently highlighted by the public.

This rare moment was apparently highlighted when Ustaz Abdul Somad was promoting a herbal drink product. He uploaded a short video on his Instagram page.

In the video, Ustaz Abdul Somad is seen at the dining table. In front of him, there was a teapot containing herbal drinks that had been prepared by his wife.

Fatimah Az Zahra who was wearing a black robe came over to her husband to stir the drink in a cup. The 44-year-old man then drank it.

“Bismillahirohmanirrohim,” said Abdul Somad.

After tasting the drink, Ustaz Abdul Somad smiled and praised his wife’s drink.

“Masyaallah, The oranges taste really good, “he said.

The moment was also uploaded by the channel YouTube The Spirit of 5 Ages. The account also displays the household moments of Ustaz Abdul Somad and Fatimah Az Zahra who are newly married.

The figure of a woman who is 25 years younger than Ustaz Abdul Somad was caught on camera. As soon as she realized that her face was highlighted, Fatimah looked shy and covered her face.

Fatimah Az Zahra looks beautiful in a pink syar’i dress. He was embarrassed when his intimacy with Ustaz Abdul Somad was seen. The post immediately drew attention from netizens. They were made baper with the romance of UAS and his wife.

Allaah . Maa syaa orange Y feel bngt…come along grin guru UAS hehehe, “ said account @nurhaeni****

Seeing his laughter, Ustaz Hati felt happy,” said @andhykafebry***

“Co cweeeet,” timpal @ummu_khazin ***.

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This isn’t the first time their harmony has been caught on camera, Mother. Previously, UAS and Fatimah also looked intimate on this day wedding.

They held a reception at the Darussalam University (Unida) Gontor building, Ponorogo, East Java, on Thursday (20/5/2021). Both of them look harmonious in gold-tone wedding dresses.

The Instagram account @supirustadz had time to upload their moments behind the aisle. Fatimah Az Zahra seemed to fix her husband’s makeup, Mother. He rubbed makeup using a brush on UAS’s face.

Not long ago, Fatimah Az Zahra also showed her romantic attitude when Ustaz Abdul Somad had a birthday. Read on the next page.

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[Gambas:Video Haibunda]


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