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Reproductive health examination and consultation. (Photo: Van Dat/VNA)

As mentioned in the article ”The important preparation step before marriage” of the series of 2 lessons “Pre-marital health check – improve the quality of the population,” pre-marital counseling and health check-ups are considered necessary solutions to help minors and young people, especially those about to get married, prepare their knowledge, psychological such as health to build a happy family, give birth and raise good children.

Therefore, over the past time, the pre-marital health examination and counseling model has been implemented in 63/63 provinces and cities nationwide. However, the implementation and implementation process encountered many difficulties and barriers, making the model’s efficiency not really high.

There are many difficulties and limitations

Since 2013, General Department of Population-Family planning under the Ministry of Health, has collaborated with localities to implement the pre-marital counseling and health examination model in 63/63 provinces and cities. Up to now, thousands of pre-marital counseling and health check-up clubs have been established with hundreds of thousands of young people as members; health care, consulting for millions of people.

According to Ms. Do Thi Quynh Huong, Deputy Director of the Department of Population Structure and Quality under the General Department of Population and Family Planning, this model has raised awareness for young people and adolescents, and especially in raising awareness. high skills in reproductive health care/family planning for those who are about to get married; and at the same time reduce the rate of birth defects, congenital metabolic diseases, contributing to improving the quality of the population.

The model of counseling and health examination before marriage is being implemented with many activities aimed at two basic objectives to meet the need for information and advice on reproductive health care/family planning. family for adolescents and young adults and health examination, detection and counseling for men and women preparing for marriage on prevention and treatment of risks of having children with disabilities and deformities.

The model has been deployed in more than 1,400 communes of 63 provinces/cities nationwide; providing knowledge, counseling and treatment for millions of adolescents and young adults to avoid the risk of having children with disabilities, and contribute to improving the quality of the population. The results of implementing the model after a period of time show that the awareness of young men/women before marriage has achieved positive signals.

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The preliminary assessment report on the results of the model implementation in the period 2011-2015 showed that 78.8% of the respondents had knowledge about reproductive health care/family planning services; Most of the interviewees had a full understanding of the contents of adolescent and young reproductive health.

However, the results show that young men and women’s awareness and practice of seeking counseling services and pre-marital health check-ups are still very limited; Using this service has not yet become a demand, has not reached a high consensus of the community due to barriers such as social prejudices, cultural practices, disparity in education level, especially in remote areas. , remote areas and in ethnic minority areas; Availability of services is still limited, leading to an unfavorable arrangement of examination and consultation before and after examination between levels.

The implementation of the current model also faces some difficulties such as: The number of participants in activities is limited, it is difficult to call for the participation of the subjects in club activities in the commune/ward because many people work far away, due to the nature of their work and fear of revealing their identities; As funding is increasingly reduced, it is difficult and inefficient to deploy and maintain the model’s activities.

In addition, there is currently no plan to coordinate between the population sector and other departments, agencies and mass organizations in implementing the model’s activities; the professional knowledge of some service providers is still limited; lack of equipment for pre-marital health examination… are difficulties and limitations that prevent the model from being implemented effectively.

Actively deploying many solutions

Resolution No. 21-NQ/TW dated October 25, 2017, the 6th Conference of the 12th Central Committee of the Party on population work in the new situation set out targets to achieve the goal of improving population growth. population quality by 2030, including the goal of “the percentage of young men and women receiving counseling and medical examination before marriage reaches 90%.”

According to Ms. Do Thi Quynh Huong, in order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to carry out synchronous solutions: propaganda, advocacy and social mobilization to participate in the provision and use of consulting services and health check-up before the end. kiss; develop and finalize regulations on service expertise and management; expanding the service delivery network to the community; improve the capacity to provide quality assurance services to health facilities at all levels.

Happy to show off your money - high school chat chat with you 2Village midwives in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province (on the left) guide mothers to take care of their newborns. (Photo: Duong Ngoc/VNA)

Simultaneously conducting scientific research and applying new techniques in screening, diagnosis and treatment of a number of diseases to supplement the list of diseases for screening before marriage; develop mechanisms and policies and organize pilot socialization to provide pre-marital counseling and health check-up services.

In the coming time, along with the development of policies to improve population quality, it is necessary to develop a policy of counseling and pre-marital health examination. In particular, it is necessary to focus on strengthening and diversifying forms and types of communication (on loudspeakers, social networks, websites, hanging billboards, advertising on television; communication combined with cultural and cultural activities). technology, theatricalization, etc.) to attract and attract minors and young people to conduct pre-marriage counseling and health checks; encourage and support men and women youth prepare to get married to participate in services, especially those in remote, isolated, extremely difficult areas, and ethnic minority areas.

At the same time, promote the role of communication and advocacy of population officers and health station staff in mobilizing target audiences; strengthen the communication and education of contents related to the model to groups of students in primary, middle, high school (under 18 years old) and men.

Vietnam has achieved some achievements in improving population quality, but we still face many difficulties and challenges. Among children with disabilities, birth defects still account for a high proportion. Therefore, in the coming time, Vietnam needs to carry out many tasks and effective solutions to raise the awareness of couples in preventing and giving birth to healthy children, avoiding causing burdens on themselves. child, family and society.

Resolution No. 21-NQ/TW clearly states that the Party committees and authorities at all levels make population work, especially improving population quality, a central content in leadership and direction.

To reduce the rate of children born with birth defects, increase the proportion of young men/women receiving counseling, health check before marriageTo improve the quality of the population, it is necessary to have the cooperation of the whole political system, the close attention and direction of the Party committees and authorities, the active participation of the departments, agencies and mass organizations. , as well as society as a whole.

Lesson 1: Pre-marital health check – an important preparation step

Minh Hue (VNA/Vietnam+)

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