Precautions will continue at Mullaperiyar Dam; there is no reason for concern at the moment says chief secretary | Mullaperiyar Dam: Precautions continue at Mullaperiyar Dam; The Chief Secretary said there was no cause for concern

Kochi : With Mullaperiyar Dam (Mullaperiyar) In connection with rain (Heavy Rain)The Chief Secretary said that necessary precautions are being taken in view of the flow of water and there is no need to worry at present. VP Joy informed. Necessary precautionary measures have been taken since the beginning of the monsoon season in view of the rainfall and runoff available in the catchment area of ​​Mullaperiyar Dam.

The Meteorological Department has been monitoring the operation of the Mullaperiyar Dam on an hourly basis since October 16 and has been in constant touch with Tamil Nadu to take necessary steps at the official and government level.

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At the Chief Secretary’s level, the Chairman of the Central Water Commission, the Chairman of the Mullaperiyar Oversight Committee and the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu have been asked to take necessary precautionary measures in this regard.

The Chief Minister of Kerala has written to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to take immediate action in this regard. The water level in the Mullaperiyar dam has risen to 136.95 feet on October 24 at 9 pm due to rains. As part of regulating the water level, the volume of water carried from the Mullaperiyar to Tamil Nadu through the tunnel has been increased from 1300 cusecs on October 16 to 2200 cusecs at full capacity on October 24.

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In addition, the Tamil Nadu government and concerned officials have been asked to raise the spillway shutters and provide 24 hours notice in case of excess water outflow. When the water level reached 136 feet, Tamil Nadu issued its first warning message on the 23rd. Officials have been assigned to monitor the situation on a regular basis.

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In a petition filed in connection with the Mullaperiyar, the Hon’ble Supreme Court in its Interim Order 2018 had directed to raise the water level of the dam to 139 feet to control the flood situation in Kerala. As part of the case, which is due to be heard in court on Monday, an application will be filed for an order to adjust the water level to 139 feet. The Chief Secretary clarified that there was no cause for concern at present from the assessment of the situation.

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