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The Los Angeles Rams with their spectacular defense now challenge Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in Lambeau Field – can LA surprise again? Can the Browns shock Kansas City? And who will win the duel of the living legends Brees vs. Brady? SPOX-Editor Adrian Franke type all games in the playoffs, there are all playoffs live on DAZN .

NFL Predictions Divisional-Runde

No. 1 Green Bay Packers (13-3) – No. 6 Los Angeles Rams (10-6) (Sa., 22.35 Uhr LIVE on DAZN)

Perhaps the most exciting matchup this weekend is that of the Rams defense against the Packers offense. Can Los Angeles – assuming that Aaron Donald is in full possession of his powers – also limit the Packers offense? The Rams are excellent at rotating the safeties and the entire coverage noticeably late after the snap, in order to make the image as difficult to read as possible for the quarterback. But can that also work against such an experienced quarterback like Aaron Rodgers? Can Jalen Ramsey Davante Control Adams? Does he follow him into the slot too? Can the Packers’ excellent interior line stop Donald? And can the Packers still make big plays, or does it have to involve very long drives and the running backs and tight ends in the short passing game?

These questions will determine the outcome of the game, because Los Angeles is unlikely to win a shootout. The Packers have recently shown a cautious defensive improvement, the best matchup for Los Angeles will probably take place via Cooper Kupp – if he is fit – and the tight ends. McVay has to manage to force matchups against Green Bays Underneath Coverage, especially from the regular Dropback Passing Game. Then it is up to Jared Goff and his thumb, which is still not completely cured, to hit these plays consistently. My guess is that an elite offense against an elite defense makes enough plays that a shaky offense against a vulnerable defense doesn’t keep up

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Tipp: Packers vs. Rams 26:20.

No. 2 Buffalo Bills (13-3) – No. 5 Baltimore Ravens (11-5) (So., 2.15 Uhr LIVE on DAZN)

In this matchup, the Bills would probably do well to put their foot on the gas pedal a little more in terms of offensive play-calling; against Indianapolis it seemed restrained at times. And the opportunities are probably there, because matchups for Diggs and Beasley should arise against the aggressive Ravens defense, which Josh Allen – who considered himself largely had an excellent game against the Colts – can then serve. Do the Ravens keep Humphrey constant against Beasley? Can Diggs win more then? Or will it be a John Brown game? In any case, Baltimore will have to act completely differently defensively than against the Titans, because the Bills are ready to throw the ball almost exclusively when the opponent is playing the box aggressively.

However, the Bills will also need a corresponding performance from their offense, because I still do not trust Buffalo’s run defense. And of course the Ravens should be able to follow up directly with a run game that has found its full impact behind a much better offensive line. Especially with Jackson’s runs through the middle, and the Bills had problems against the run again against the Colts. 300 rushing yards for Baltimore? That wouldn’t be an absurd prognosis, all the more if Buffalo allows a little more here to stop the big plays through the air and the scrambles. The question remains whether that’s enough to keep up with Buffalo’s offense. And this is where I see the biggest problems for the Ravens, because I still don’t trust Baltimore’s passing game outside of individual big plays. Even less against a good Bills secondary.

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Tipp: Bills vs. Ravens 27:23.


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