Sport Pregnancy tests without the players' knowledge?

Pregnancy tests without the players’ knowledge?


Thomas Siniecki: published on Thursday February 13, 2020 at 10:38 pm

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The Nantes club, third in the Butagaz Energie League (the name of the first female division), is undoubtedly preparing to experience a hell of a turmoil amid scandal. It would indeed be the team that ordered illegal pregnancy tests at the start of the season.

The Association of Professional Handball Players published a statement on Thursday on its website, after learning that tests were carried out on players at the start of the season to find out if they were pregnant. The AJPH evokes “unacceptable practices” within a club whose name it did not yet reveal, but which would be that of Nantes according to information from France TV. “The analysis of the level of the hormone Beta HCG, aiming to detect a state of pregnancy, would have been prescribed by the doctor of the club without the consent of the players”, specifies the AJPH.

“AJPH has informed the authorities and the social partners”

The association recalls that “this type of control is completely illegal and not only violates the privacy of the players, but also seriously compromises their privacy”: “After having recovered the orders attesting to these analyzes, the AJPH sent a mail to the club and the doctor, and informed the authorities and the social partners. AJPH reserves the right to give any useful follow-up. It draws the attention of all clubs and doctors so that this unacceptable situation does not happen again. Finally, the AJPH asks the players to be as vigilant as regards medical examinations and reminds that the list of regulatory medical examinations can be found in the LFH regulations. “


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