Pregnant husbands and the smallest woman in the world, in DKiss

The channel premieres the special ‘Extraordinary Lives’ to give visibility to different people. morenomadrid. Challenging all stereotypes, breaking barriers and giving visibility to the different are the objectives of the special ‘Extraordinary lives’, which the DTT channel DKiss broadcasts from 9:45 pm today with a double installment that aims to show those stories that “come out of the norm ”and seek in the extraordinary to be able to impact, excite and integrate people who are also part of society. In short, converting what is usually atypical among citizens into something that no longer surprises and avoids prejudice in the 21st century.

The first chapter, entitled ‘My husband is pregnant’, is an hour-long report that addresses the story of two transgender couples in the process of becoming parents for the first time. Two marriages formed by trans people, who have decided to increase the family members and that he will be the one who will carry the baby during the nine months of pregnancy.This episode focuses on the story of Myles and Precious, a transgender marriage that is excited that Myles is pregnant. However, you will have to deal with a health complication that could lead to premature delivery. Meanwhile, the couple is faced with the reality that the husband’s pregnant belly reveals his trans identity and the fear of going out on the street and facing a society, sometimes cruel to the collective.

This installment will also address the life of Ari and his cisgender wife Caitlin (her gender identity corresponds to the sex she was born, the opposite of transgender), who have been able to conceive a baby thanks to a sperm donor. However, Ari, who is already 8 months old, begins to get nervous to see how his neighbors will react when he decides to go out, discover that he is a transgender person and is pregnant.

Jyoti’s life

The programming continues with a second episode, which airs at 10:40 p.m., entitled ‘Jyoti: The smallest woman in the world’ and focused on the Indian actress Jyoti Amge, a 26-year-old girl who, with her height of 62 centimeters, She is the smallest woman in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records in 2011. Jyoti was diagnosed with a growth abnormality called achondroplasia, a disorder that affects bone growth and is responsible for at least 70% of cases of dwarfism. In this episode of the report, the interpreter will travel with her family from India to the United States to explore new professional opportunities for the young woman. In addition, they will try to find a doctor who will address the health problem of Jyoti, who has lived with two broken legs for years.

In 2014, she became very popular for participating in the fiction ‘American Horror Story’, where she played Ma Petite. However, her first appearance was in a documentary, released in 2009, titled ‘BodyShock: Two Feet Tall Teenager’. Proud of her size, Jyoti has stated that her goal is to be a recognized star in Bollywood. One of his last appearances was on the streets of Nagpur, where he went out together with the police to ask the population of India to respect the confinement and restrictions due to the coronavirus.


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