Pregnant with her second child, Audrey Lamy has just lost her baby

Pregnant with her second child, Audrey Lamy has just gone through a terrible ordeal. Indeed, the pretty blonde has just lost her baby.

“The actress Audrey Lamy and her companion, who were expecting their second child, have lost their baby. Very affected by this drama, Audrey Lamy does not wish to speak on this subject and asks the media to respect her mourning, her pain and that of her family, “said the press release released by the relatives of the actress, who preferred to take the lead and announce the sad news before being confronted with the observers’ questions.

On the poster for “Rebelles”, which will be released on March 13, alongside Cécile de France and Yolande Moreau, Audrey Lamy continued to promote it despite her pregnancy. While she was received on January 25, on France Inter, she confided in the relationships she has with her big sister, Alexandra Lamy.

About the heroine of “A guy, a girl”, she said: “Ten years apart, it seems like it is too much to create a beautiful bond, and in fact, no.” And this strong bond does not date from yesterday. Audrey Lamy reported that he was born as a teenager when he covered his eldest when she went out secretly. One thing is certain, she can count on the support of her big sister in the terrible ordeal she is going through.

Since 2008, Audrey has been in a relationship with Thomas Sabatier, a French entrepreneur. Together they have a son named Léo, born on June 24, 2016. In November 2019, Audrey confirmed that she was expecting her second child. The former actress of “Household Scenes” had formalized the news alongside her sister Alexandra Lamy, at the Bold Woman Awards. More recently, in June 2018, the couple had been seen in the stands of Roland-Garros.

Very accomplices, they seemed more in love than ever. Audrey had also confided in her life as a mother to our colleagues in Purepeople: “It’s nice to be a mom, to worry, to run back home at night to see him, what worries us is missing the first steps or words. I did not miss them. I freaked out because I was filming and I could feel it. And he waited for me. “

We wish him lots of courage to face this terrible ordeal.

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