Pregnant woman gave birth in a patrol car in Iquitos

Police officers gave first aid to the woman who gave birth prematurely

At the Iquitos Support Hospital, mother and daughter received medical attention

A baby, who was not yet 7 months old, was born inside a police car Police of Roads of Iquitos. She did not cry, she did not move, while the policemen proceeded to manual resuscitation on her little back.

A video shows how the agents spoke to the baby, while trying to provoke the crying that oxygenates her lungs, until they succeeded.

Agents David Samame and Anderson Benitez of the Highways Division of Iquitos They revived the little girl and handed her over to her mother’s arms.

The woman who had gone out to the streets in search of help, with premature labor pains, never imagined that her daughter would come into the world within the police unit that transferred her.

In the Support Hospital of Iquitos mother and daughter received medical attention and it was confirmed that both are out of danger.


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