Premature babies: The music of the Punji flute helps their brains mature

Frühchen are tiny, delicate beings, not yet equipped for the world, they have to grow in incubators because they have not spent enough time in the womb. But they do like listening to music. At least studies suggest that the babies were observed listening to music. Their breath flowed more calmly, their hearts beat more steadily. The comforting feeling had an effect on their appetite, premature babies who listened to music gained weight more quickly, and on their sleep, which became firmer. But what do the sounds do in the children’s brain that is not yet fully developed and is also exposed to enormous stress? Researchers at the University of Geneva have systematically investigated this for the first time. Among other things, you used an instrument called the punji. It is a flute from India that snake charmers also play. The researchers were able to prove that it did not fail to have an effect on premature babies.


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