Premier League|British media revealed that Lan Rick severely criticized Manchester United players for being too selfish

The British “Daily Mirror” reported that during a meeting with Manchester United chief executive Richard Arnott and sporting director Mudaf, Lanlik criticized some players in the team for ignoring their instructions, lacking professional attitude, and failing to meet physical fitness and physical confrontation. Competing with energetic opponents, it is described that some Manchester United players are selfish, overly inflated, lacking in ability and too powerful, so it is recommended to clean up a group of players and replace them with young or honor-hungry new blood.

For example, the Red Devils have been unstable in the post-season defense this season. Lan Licker believes that Yunbishaka, Elle Bailey and Phil Jones are not competent enough. Responsible for the poor defense this season; the midfield also lacks dynamism and confrontation. It is believed that at least two active players and an organization midfielder should be signed. He also mentioned that the club’s signing of veteran player Kavani in the previous season was short-sighted and lacked future plans. Just like the loan of Enhalo many years ago, he reiterated that he would sign a main striker, while the loan of Seawell’s Anthony Madi Clearly not the answer. Lanlik finally said that if Manchester United fail to solve these problems as soon as possible, next season will continue to be empty.

Another “Daily Mirror” reported that Paul Puba, who has expired this summer, has informed Manchester United teammates that he will leave the team, and has even left the Red Devils players’ communication group. Earlier reports said that the next stop behind the French midfielder’s return to freedom, the biggest chance is the French giants Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) or the La Liga squad Real Madrid.

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