Premier League|C Long’s salary cut and return to the nest is still the highest-paid magic soldier Zu Yun lost the first blow (16:28)-20210829-Sports-News

The British “Daily Mail” reported that Ronald’s manager George Wendys reduced Ronald’s return to Manchester United’s annual salary to 20 million pounds (about 210 million Hong Kong dollars), an average weekly salary in order to facilitate the transaction before the transfer window closed on Tuesday. 385,000 pounds, which is 115,000 pounds less than the 500,000 pounds (about 5.36 million Hong Kong dollars) in Zuwyndas, but still surpassed Di Gea to become the “working emperor” of the Premier League. Although Manchester United agreed to sign Ronaldo on Friday, the Portuguese striker still needs to pass a medical examination in Lisbon before he can officially announce his second joining. There is news that winger Daniel James has been loaned out.

Zuyundas, who lost Ronald Cron, resumed Serie A this morning, and was set by Anbo’s Li Ana Dowen Gusu. He lost 0:1 at home and was the first victory of the guest army in 21 years. “Zebra Soldier”. Ellene, who returned to coach Zuyun, said: “C Lang has scored a lot of goals for this team for 3 years. He is an outstanding player, but we can’t think of him anymore. I have a good team. , But we can’t control every battle. What the team needs now is unity, which will help us work hard in the future.”

Zu Yun is eager to find a striker to fill the vacancy of Ronald C. It is reported that he is expected to borrow Everton’s Moskin. The 21-year-old Italian striker is a product of Zu Yun’s youth training. In 2019, he transferred to “Fatty” and was loaned to Paris Saint-Germain last season. He has appeared at Turin Airport today. He played for the Italian team for the first time in 2018. He has scored 9 times and scored 2 goals, but failed to attend the European Cup of Nations this summer.

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