Premier League – After Chelsea – Aston Villa: Giroud, crazy numbers

When Giroud holds, he scores

You will not be surprised by what will follow: Olivier Giroud does not often start with Chelsea. Since the start of the season, the French striker has only been in the Blues’ starting lineup 6 times in 15 games, including four in the Premier League.

Premier League

Chelsea stagnate despite another Giroud goal


His four starts in the league have been very late – between the 11th and the 16th day – since the beginning of December. Suffice to say that Frank Lampard once again underestimated the overall contribution of his attacker, before changing his mind once again.

These four starts, plus the one in Sevilla in the Champions League, allowed him to shine as he found the net four times, for a total of 7 goals. Suffice to say, when Giroud holds, he scores almost every time. Author of 9 goals, in all competitions, he transforms the test when we trust him. This is none other than the continuity of the 2019/2020 season where he scored his 10 goals (8 in PL, 1 in the European Supercup and 1 in the FA Cup) only during his tenure.

This formidable efficiency when he is in the starting XI allows him to gradually return to the rotation, even if Lampard has curiously left him on the bench twice in a row against West Ham (3-0 victory) and especially Arsenal , where the Blues spent their game stumbling against the Gunners’ defense, 3-1 defeat. By scoring against Aston Villa, he once again left his CV to his coach.

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  • His tenures / goals:

EFL Cup (29 September): Tottenham – Chelsea (1-1, 6-5 tab): 0 but

Champions League (December 2): Sevilla FC – Chelsea (0-4), 5th d. : 4 goals

PL (December 5): Chelsea v Leeds (3-1), Matchday 11: 1 goal
PL (December 12): Everton – Chelsea (1-0), Matchday 12: 0 goal
PL (December 15): Wolverhampton – Chelsea (2-1), Matchday 13: 1 goal
PL (December 28): Chelsea v Aston Villa (1-1), Matchday 16: 1 goal

Neymar Ballon d’Or, Giroud ahead of Titi and Griezmann ahead of Platoche, Messi … our daring bets of 2021

Chelsea’s top scorer this season

The Blues have consolidated their attacking sector with the arrival of Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, authors of 28 and 12 goals in the Bundesliga in 2019/2020, and yet it is not the two Germans who are at the top of the table of scorers at Chelsea, it’s Olivier Giroud.

With his 9 goals in all competitions, the Frenchman is now one unit ahead of Werner, whose 6 assists will be highlighted anyway (Giroud has not delivered any), and Tammy Abraham, who can boast of being the best Premier League scorer for the Blues (6 goals). Fewer matches, few starts, more goals: Giroud defies logic.

Lampard: “All the credit goes to Giroud”

  • Chelsea’s top scorers in 2020/2021:
Players Buts Premier League Champions League EFL Cup Matches played including tax / starts
1. Olivier Giroud 9 3 5 1 15 / 6
2. Timo Werner 8 4 3 1 23 / 20
3. Tammy Abraham 8 6 1 1 21 / 12
4. Kurt Zouma 4 4 20 / 19
5. Jorginho 4 3 1 17 / 14

A productive year 2020

Much more useful to Frank Lampard in the second part of the 2019/2020 season, Olivier Giroud shone during the first part of the calendar year, despite the cutoff linked to the pandemic due to Covid-19.

His numbers added to those at the start of the season gave him his second best performance from January to December – with 18 goals (9 from February to June, 9 from September to December – since 2015, his reference year. At that time, he had scored 28 goals for Arsenal, his fourth best year since playing in the Professional Premier League.

Even if football is calculated more in seasons than in calendar years, we have classified Giroud’s balance sheets, in club, over 365 days, from 2010 to 2020.

  • Olivier Giroud’s goals over the calendar years:
Year Club Number of goals
2015 Arsenal 28
2011 Montpellier 22
2012 Montpellier, Arsenal 19
2020 Chelsea 18
2013 Arsenal 18
2014 Arsenal 17
2017 Arsenal 17
2016 Arsenal 15
2010 Montpellier 14
2018 Chelsea 10
2019 Chelsea 9

* We did not count the goals in the preliminary rounds of European competitions (Giroud scored only one in his career in August 2013 against Fenerbah├že)

Olivier Giroud at Chelsea-Leeds in 2020

Credit: Getty Images

Where is Giroud in the history of the Premier League?

In England since 2012, Olivier Giroud became the third best French scorer in the history of the championship in 2020. Author of 89 goals, the Frenchman is behind Thierry Henry (175 goals) and Nicolas Anelka (125 goals). Next step for him: the 100 goals milestone. He is the 40th top scorer in PL history.

  • Top French scorers in the Premier League:
Player Buts Matches
1. Thierry Henry 175 258
2. Nicolas Anelka 125 364
3. Olivier Giroud 89 247
4. Louis Saha 85 288
5. Eric Cantona 70 156
  • Olivier Giroud in the history of the Premier League:
Player Buts Matches
1. Alan Shearer 260 441
2. Wayne Rooney 208 491
3. Andy Cole 187 414
4. Sergio Ag├╝ero 180 267
5. Frank Lampard 177 609
6. Thierry Henry 175 258
7. Robbie Fowler 163 379
8. Jermain Defoe 162 496
9. Harry Kane 152 225
10. Michael Owen 150 326
40. Olivier Giroud 89 247

Premier League

Chelsea, what’s the problem?


Premier League

Arsenal emerge from lethargy against Chelsea

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