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Original title: Premier League – Gabriel broke the goal after Gabriel made a mistake, Arsenal reversed Fulham 2-1

Live it, August 27th, Beijing time at 0:30 on August 28th, the fourth round of the Premier League match between Arsenal and Fulham, Saka lost a single goal in the first half, Martinelli corner kick in the frieze, Gabriel in the second half The mistake Mitrovic scored, Erdegao equalized, and Gabriel made up for the goal at the last minute. In the end, Arsenal 2-1 Fulham.

Before this game, the historical confrontation between the two sides was also Arsenal crushing their opponents. Arsenal won 6 times in the past 8 games, which is completely opposite to the three-game losing streak at the beginning of last season. Arsenal’s starting winning streak this season ranks first. In terms of lineup, Arsenal, Jesus Single Arrow, Fulham, Leno defected to the old owner.

As the referee blew the whistle, the first half of the game began. In the 10th minute, Fulham took a right corner kick from the penalty area and Palinia shot high. ↓

In the 13th minute, after Odegaard and Saka cooperated two-to-one on the edge of the penalty area, Saka was brought down by the defender and the referee did not say anything. ↓

In the 13th minute, Jesus received an oblique pass from Erde Gao back to the penalty area of ​​Zaka who was making a forward pass and missed the goal. ↓

In the 18th minute, Arsenal counterattacked Martinelli in the frontcourt to keep up with a lob shot from the penalty area and was destroyed. ↓

In the 24th minute, Mitrovic was suffocated to the ground by Ramsdale’s big feet. ↓

In the 29th minute, Arsenal’s left corner kick Martinelli took the penalty and hit the goal directly on the crossbar. ↓

In the 31st minute, Arsenal had a chance to set the ball on the left, and Martinelli hit the goal directly. ↓

In the 33rd minute, Xhaka made a straight pass in the middle, and after pulling the ball in the penalty area, Saka hit the goal and was saved by Leno. ↓

In the 35th minute, Gabriel’s ball in the backcourt dragged and was almost stolen by Mitrovic. ↓

Then Saka made a mistake and knocked down Robinson behind Ben White and was given a yellow card. ↓

In the 37th minute, Kaibano cut inside from the left and gave Pereira a long shot to the top of the arc in the middle. ↓

In the 44th minute, Jesus and Palinha had a small friction and then both received yellow cards. ↓

Arsenal 0-0 Fulham in 1 minute of stoppage time in the first half.

The second half changed sides and fought again. In the 51st minute, Robinson stepped on Jesus while defending and was warned by a yellow card. ↓

Then Fulham counterattacked the opportunity, Kaibano advanced to the penalty area from the left and finally kicked the ball. ↓

In the 54th minute, Martinelli cut in from the left and crossed Odegaard to get rid of the long shot Taizheng and was saved by Leno. ↓

In the 54th minute, Martinelli’s left-sided inverted triangle penalty spot near Jesus’ push shot failed to be confiscated by Leno. ↓

In the 56th minute, Fulham scored! Gabriel was hesitant to play the ball in the backcourt and was stolen by Mitrovic after the penalty area pushed the far corner and scored. Arsenal 0-1 Fulham. ↓

In the 65th minute, Arsenal equalized! Saka gave Luward a high arc from the right to the center and a long shot with his left foot hit the defender and refracted the ball. Arsenal 1-1 Fulham. ↓

In the 66th minute, Fulham’s corner kick was opened to the penalty area. Mitrovic beat the defender’s header and was saved at the second point. Reid was also blocked by the defender in stoppage time. ↓

In the 68th minute, Reed continued to make a cross from the right to Mitrovic’s header in the penalty area. ↓

In the 73rd minute, Martinelli cut a low shot in the penalty area on the right and was confiscated by Leno. ↓

In the 76th minute, Nketia directly blocked the ball from the right side of the penalty area and then cut in at a small angle and hit the goal slightly wide. ↓

In the 82nd minute, Martinelli left the inverted triangle in the middle of the penalty area, and Nketia pushed Taizheng and was confiscated by Leno. ↓

Then Oder made a high pass to the penalty area and was cleared after Nketia stopped the ball. ↓

In the 84th minute, Martinelli cut into the far corner of the penalty area on the left and was headed out of the baseline by Mbabane. ↓

In the 85th minute, Arsenal overtook the score! From the left corner, Martinelli drove to the penalty area. Leno caught the ball and let Gabriel hit the goal. Arsenal 2-1 Fulham, and then var judged that the goal was valid. ↓

In the 90th minute, Fulham opened the ball from the right to Chaloba in the penalty area and was saved by Ramsdale. ↓

5 minutes of stoppage time in the second half, Arsenal 2-1 Fulham.

Arsenal starting: 1-Rumsdale, 4-Ben-White, 12-Saliba, 6-Gabriel-Magalhães, 3-Tierney (61’14-Nketiah), 25 – Elneny, 34-Xhaka, 7-Bukayo-Saka, 8-Odegaard (93’16-Holding), 11-Martinelli, 9-Jesus (88’18 – Fu An Jian Yang)

Substitutes did not play: 30-Matt Turner, 17-Cedric Suarez, 23-Loconga, 21-Fabio-Vieira, 10-Smith-Roe, 27-Marquinhos

Fulham starting: 17-Leno, 33-Robinson, 13-Reem (92’65-Stansfield), 4-Adarabioyo, 2-Tate (78’27-Kevin-Mba Cloth), 26-Palinha (92’12-Chaloba), 6-Harrison-Reed, 14-De Cordoba-Reed, 18-Pereira (78’31-Isa- Diop), 7-Kebano (68’10-Kelney), 9-Mitrovic

Substitutes did not play: 1-Rodak, 5-Duffy, 35-François, 38-Luke Harris

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