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[Epoch Times November 22, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Li Rongshi comprehensive report) Last weekend, the English Premier League of the 2021/2022 season took placeRound 12Contest.ChelseaIn the away game 3-0 victory over Leicester City, continue to lead the standings.LiverpoolIn a 4-0 victory over Arsenal at home, the coaches of the two teams almost fought off the court. After being humiliated by the “promoted” Watford 4:1 on the road,Manchester UnitedFired coach Solskjaer.

ChelseaLeading strong and showing champion appearance

“Leader” Chelsea is a guest at King Power Stadium to challenge Leicester City this round. As a result, the “Blue Army” pawns defeated their opponents 3:0 and won four consecutive away games in all competitions, all maintaining “zero seals.” This is the first time they have achieved such a good result since December 2008.

In this game, Rudiger and Kanter scored separately in the first half, and Pulisic scored another goal in the second half to seal the victory for Chelsea. Throughout the game, Chelsea had 69% possession of the ball and shot 15 to 4. Leicester City hardly had much strength to fight back.This season, Chelsea have performed well offensive and defensively, blasting 30 goals in 12 rounds and conceding only 4 goals. Among them, only the “Blues” defender has scored 13 goals, which is better than others.Premier League19 teams combined (12) are more.

After Tuchel took over the team last season, Chelsea has undergone tremendous changes. The Germans built the “Blue Army” into a division to compete for the title.Currently, Chelsea leads the standings with a three-point advantage. If they can maintain their current strong performance, they will reach the top this season.Premier LeagueThe possibilities will be very great.

Strong dialogue between the two coaches

This round of strong dialogue-LiverpoolAt home against Arsenal. The three forwards in Liverpool’s starting field: Mane, Jota and Salah all scored. After that, Takumi Minano, who came off the bench, touched the ball for the first time and completed the goal. In the end, Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-0, defeating the Gunners in six consecutive league games, and also ending the eight unbeaten league games of the “Arsenal”.

November 20, 2021, Premier LeagueRound 12, Liverpool beat Arsenal 4:0 at home, the picture shows the two teams fighting for the moment in the game. (Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images)

Liverpool seemed to have won a big victory, but the score did not reflect the full content of the game. Liverpool played a difficult game in the first half. The “Gunner” goalkeeper Ramsdale made many magical saves, causing the home team to return without success, and Liverpool players became more and more impatient.

In the 32nd minute, Liverpool made a long pass from the backcourt. When Mane was fighting for the top, his arm hit Arsenal defender Fu An Jianyang in the face, and the Japanese fell to the ground. Arsenal coach Arteta immediately complained of Mane’s elbow foul, while Liverpool coach Klopp immediately rebutted. The two scolded each other on the sidelines and quarreled fiercely. The fourth referee and the coaching staff separated the two, and then the referee stepped forward to show each of them a yellow card.

On November 20, 2021, in the 12th round of the Premier League, Liverpool beat Arsenal 4-0 at home, and the coaches of the two teams almost played off the court. The picture shows the referee showing the yellow card to Arsenal coach Alte (center) Tower. (Paul Ellis/AFP via Getty Images)

The game was in a stalemate at the time, and the two coaches were a little excited. Only 7 minutes after the quarrel, Mane received a free kick from Arnold and scored a header to help Liverpool break the deadlock 1:0. Then the balance of the game began to tilt towards the home team. After the game, the two coaches calmed down and communicated. Arteta said after the game that he had chatted with Klopp and congratulated him, “Those controversies are left on the court.”

After this round, after Manchester City defeated Everton 3:0 at home, they accumulated 26 points, 3 points behind the “leaders” and ranked second; Liverpool accumulated 25 points and ranked third; West Ham United scored 0:1 in away games. The enemy Wolves still scored 23 points and ranked fourth; Arsenal scored 20 points and ranked fifth; the Wolves, who had won five consecutive victories, had scored 19 points and moved up to sixth. Tottenham beat Leeds 2-1 at home, with 19 points, ranking seventh.

Manchester UnitedLost to the “promoted horse” to fire Suo Shuai

“Promoted” Watford scored only 4 goals in 5 home games in the first 11 rounds of this season, making it the second-lowest Premier League team to score at home this season. In this round, Watford played Manchester United at home, and the result was a surprise to the fans. He scored 4 goals in a game and achieved a 4:1 victory.

In the whole game, Watford completely suppressed Manchester United on offense, shooting 20 to 9. There was no water in this big victory. If it hadn’t been for Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea to save a penalty, Manchester United might have lost even worse. After winning, Watford also temporarily escaped from the “relegation zone”.

After suffering the biggest defeat since 1989, Manchester United won only one game in the past seven league rounds, and now has 17 points, ranking eighth. Next, they have to face the challenges of Chelsea and Arsenal. Manchester United, which set the goal for the title before the season, has become very difficult to fight for four.

On November 20, 2021, in the 12th round of the Premier League, Manchester United lost 1:4 to the newly promoted Watford in the away game. Manchester United coach Solskjaer dismissed get out of class. (Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images)

In order to get rid of the current predicament, the club’s top management finally decided to relieve the employer coach Solskjaer. The two sides broke up amicably, and Manchester United compensated Suo Shuai for one year’s salary, about 7.5 million pounds. In July of this year, Manchester United and Solskjaer signed a contract renewed until mid-2024. Manchester United will be temporarily led by Carrick. Currently, the former Real Madrid coach and Frenchman Zidane is the most popular candidate for Manchester United’s new coach.

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