Premier League | Tanshag arrives in London early to prepare to take over Manchester United’s bid for Frankie Dizhuang, the bid is difficult to exceed 680 million (20:01) – 20220519 – Sports – Instant News

British media said that Tanshag and Ajax’s deputy Werder Garter, who are rumored to be Manchester United’s assistant coaches, recently arrived in London on Manchester United’s private jet and plan to attend Manchester United’s visit to Crystal Palace next Sunday. According to reports, Tanshag has given up his vacation at Ajax and immediately started work at his new club, including an online meeting with Manchester United executives last week, and the participation of former Red Devils assistant coach McCarran. The former coach of the team is expected to return to the nest to serve as an assistant coach again.

The report also said that after Tanshag arrives at Manchester United’s office in London, he will first discuss the issue of adding troops this summer, with a budget of more than 140 million euros (about 1.36 billion Hong Kong dollars), and the number one target is Barcelona, ​​where he worked closely with Ajax. Midfielder Frankie Dizhuang, it is reported that Tan Shag even calls every day to lobby the 25-year-old Netherlands international to meet again. The “Daily Mail” said that because Manchester United missed the Europa League next season, the transfer budget is limited and will not offer a transfer fee of more than 70 million pounds to buy Frankie Dzhuang. Barcelona paid 75 million euros (about 620 million Hong Kong dollars) from Ajax to Dizhuang in January 2019. Since the La Liga runner-up wants to sign players such as Robert Liwandowski this summer, the president Napoda admitted the ball. The financial problems have not been resolved, and some players can only be sold for cash.

As for Manchester City and Arsenal, both announced their home jerseys for the next season today. The “Blue Moon” jersey’s round neck and cuffs plus the red and white spaces commonly used by the club in the 1960s. It is reported that the design inspiration is a tribute to the late Manchester City legend Colin Beer. . The British veteran played for the Blue Moon for 13 years since 1966. He won the English top league title and the European Cup Champions League. He was the banner figure of Manchester City. He died of illness in January last year at the age of 74. On the other hand, Manchester City midfielder Gendujian recently married Italian supermodel girlfriend in Rome, and was happy for the team’s home game against Aston Villa.

Arsenal’s new jersey also adds retro elements, imitating the tones and square-neck styles of the 1990s, and adding a lightning pattern to the neckline. “Arsenal” put on this new jersey early when they played against Everton at Shake Day. Arsenal said that from now until August 5th, you can buy new jerseys on the official website, and 5 pounds of each profit will be donated to the Arsenal Foundation to improve community services in North London.

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