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Although they have been slow to arrive, it seems that the sun and heat will already accompany us in a general way in the coming months. This is why this can be a good time to buy refrigeration equipment to help keep the home or workplace in optimal condition to carry out daily chores.

If you do not have air conditioning or want to use a portable device to cool a specific room, one possibility is opt for an air fan. This tower-shaped model from the Spanish firm Cecotec presents a design with elegant lines that adapts to any environment. It is a very light fan, which can be moved from one room to another easily, with three speeds and equipped with a remote control and timer.

It is currently down to 52%, so it is a good opportunity to get hold of it and save 60.58 euros on the purchase. It is a product with a two-year warranty, shipping costs are free, and delivery times are between 24-72 working hours.

Buy for € 55.92 at Cecotec

With three speeds and quiet technology

The model ForceSilence 9090 Skyline, is equipped with a 100% copper motor offering great efficiency and durability. In addition, it incorporates a security system ThermoSafe to avoid unwanted breakdowns due to overheating.

The fan, with oscillation in the blades, allows you to cool a specific area in a few seconds. You can choose between three speeds so that the air flow is more or less intense (low-night; medium-normal echo; and high-turbo) without giving up the silence, since the engine noise is reduced to the maximum. In this way, the task of reading, studying, working or watching television in a quiet and cool environment is favored.

With a dark gray and black exterior finish, the tower is 102 centimeters high, the diameter of the base is 29 centimeters and the equipment weighs 3.8 kilos.

Prepare for the heat with this quiet, programmable fan, lowered to 50%

Buy for € 55.92 at Cecotec

Control with remote control and programmable timer

Another advantage of this tower fan is that is equipped with a programmable timer up to 7.5 hours. In this way, after setting the time, it will automatically turn off at the chosen time. A way to save energy or not worry if you are doing other tasks. It is a product that complies with current safety and environmental protection regulations.

Furthermore, through the remote control It incorporates, you can comfortably manipulate all the parameters of the fan. To transport or store it includes a handle on the top and a hole to store the remote control.

Prepare for the heat with this quiet, programmable fan, lowered to 50%

Buy for € 55.92 at Cecotec

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* The recommendations so that online order deliveries can be carried out safely for delivery people and customers indicate that direct contact between both should be avoided, keep the safety distance and wash hands after opening the package. All delivery men are instructed to exercise extreme caution.

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of May 22, 2020.

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