presents a document that “proves it” and could charge for its use

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A Spanish woman claimed to be “the owner of the Sun”, showing a document that would “prove” it.

The case was released in 2010 by the Hispanic media The voice of Galicia and it was revived again during the last days by the media.

Ángeles Durán, resident in the Spanish city of Vigo, has a notarial deed which indicates “owner of the Sun, a star of spectral type G2, which is found within the solar system, located at an average distance from Earth of about 149 million 600 thousand kilometers approximately”.

In said article, the woman affirmed that “there is an international agreement by which no country can become the owner of the planets.” Of course, he clarified that this does not bind people.

At that point, he indicated that “there is an American who wrote almost all the planets and the moon; but not the Sun.

He even pointed out that he could charge a tax to everyone who uses solar energy, pointing out that “if you pay for the rivers, why not for this?”

Years later, the woman filed a lawsuit against eBay after she was not allowed to sell plots in the Sun.

In conversation with the newspaper The world, pointed out that “they allege that it is nothing tangible and cannot be sold, but it is a real product.”

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