‘President’ Kim Jong-un appears again with wife | for the first time in over a year Abroad

Kim Jong-un has so far only held the title of ‘chairman’. According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, the change in the title was prompted by Kim’s desire to normalize his position on the international stage.

Last month, the North Korean supreme leader also took on a new position. He was then appointed General Secretary at the Party Congress of the North Korean Workers’ Party, a title previously reserved for his father Kim Jong-il.


On Wednesday, Kim Jong-uns’s wife Ri Sol-ju also appeared in the public eye for the first time in more than a year. She appeared by her husband’s side in Pyongyang at a concert celebrating The Day of the Shining Star, Kim’s father’s birthday and one of the most important holidays in the country. The state newspaper Rodon Sinmun published photos of the couple.

Ri had not been seen in the public domain since January last year, causing fierce speculation about her health and a possible pregnancy. According to South Korean intelligence agency NIS, Ri seems to have refrained from public activities to avoid the corona virus, but she was working for her children. According to the service, the couple has three children.

Mouth mask

Ri and Kim were photographed laughing while watching the concert at the Mansudae Art Theater. It was striking that in the photos no one in the audience wore a face mask or kept their distance.

After the concert, Kim made his way to the Kumsuan Palace, where the embalmed bodies of his grandfather and father are laid out, to lay a wreath.

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