President of the Association for Critical Medicine and Intensive Care says ICUs are collapsed

Dr. José Luis Accini, president of the Colombian Association of Critical Medicine and Intensive Care, spoke in # MañanasBLU about bed occupancy FIA
in Colombia and the lack of personnel to attend to them.

According to Accini, the emergency services in the country “are overwhelmed”, so the number of ICU beds is collapsing.

“If the emergency services are overwhelmed and patients have to be mobilized from a region to another it is because the number of beds is collapsed. The evidence tells me that we are in a collapse, “said Accini, who emphasized finding solutions to this situation that the country is experiencing due to the pandemic of the coronavirus

“Now we have to go in and look at how we solve this matter, if they start making transfers to other cities, but we must be careful since in other regions the number of cases has been increasing. That this is not really going to be a problem, “he emphasized.

Bogotá case

To date, according to figures from the Bogotá government, this Monday there are 130 ICU beds in the city. However, according to Accini, they can be “a mirage”.

“From the perspective of the Colombian Association of Critical Medicine and Intensive Care there are not that number of beds today. We must optimize and rationalize, not only in the matter of beds, but in human talent, medicines. We have ways, “Accini explained.

It must be remembered that, currently, Colombia appears with a 78% occupancy of ICU beds, as confirmed by Accini this morning on BLU Radio.

Additionally, it must be said that, due to the pandemic, Colombia
doubled the number of beds to 11,700.

I listened here the full interview:

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