President Trump, Year IV: the walled-in candidate

LThe energy of Donald Trump is the same, the fervor of his followers identical, the virulence of the attacks against the Democratic opponent in every way comparable. Florida and Georgia Friday, Michigan and Wisconsin Saturday October 17, Nevada, California and re Nevada Sunday, after Pennsylvania, Iowa, before North Carolina, no doubt, and again Pennsylvania, probably … The whirlwind of meetings is a time machine that propels the outgoing president back four years.

Prison was then promised to Democrat Hillary Clinton; Joe Biden has taken his place in the vengeful slogans that enchant the president. “Mafia family”, corruption at all levels, incantations are copy-pasted. Ditto for the physical form of the opponent, certainly deplorable. And we are not talking about his intellectual faculties, obviously alarming.

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The outgoing president is the man of one campaign, one show and one message. After being discharged from Walter-Reed military hospital, following his contamination by the coronavirus, he immediately returned to his comfort zone, that of emissions from the conservative Fox News channel in which he has not stopped talking for four years and whose hosts always lend him the same friendly and accommodating ear. He repeated his “Alternative facts” about everything and nothing. The formula had been forged by his advisor Kellyanne Conway as an armor against reality. The president has become its prisoner.


When he came out of this bubble on Thursday on the occasion of a town hall televised to answer questions from voters, he clashed with NBC moderator Savannah Guthrie. She asked him the ones the president didn’t want to hear.

Had he been tested for Covid-19 on the evening of the debate on September 29, as his campaign team had committed to? When was his last negative test? What does he think of the QAnon conspiratorial movement, which delights in cesspools? Donald Trump has never been able to answer convincingly to questions as treacherous as a trap door marked by flashing lights and fog horns.

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For weeks, the president mocked Joe Biden and the basement he was supposed to hide in to avoid the coronavirus, while he, Donald Trump, was meanwhile on the front lines. The illusion had lasted during the last two weeks of March, then the Americans had tired of the promises of the virus under control, of its imminent disappearance, of the promises of vaccine before the election, like those of miraculous treatments.

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