President Yoon Seok-yeol’s Remarks on College Entrance Exams: Implications for September Mock Evaluations

2023-06-18 07:17:00

President Yoon Seok-yeol. Provided by the President’s Office

On the 18th, at the entrance of an entrance exam academy in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, there was an advertisement that read, “Complete class for all subjects in preparation for September mock evaluation, class starts in mid-July.” Even on weekends, the classrooms filled with students seemed cluttered for some reason. The head of the senior high school counseling office at this academy said, “Immediately after President Seok-yeol Yoon’s remarks, parents of high school seniors were flooded in asking what was going to happen to Mopyeong in September.” He said, “Han’s mother also said, ‘There is a possibility that the president’s remarks may be withdrawn due to the style of the president.'” He said.

On the 15th, President Yoon Seok-yeol instructed Minister of Education Lee Ju-ho that “problems in areas not covered in the public education curriculum should be excluded from the questions.”

President Yoon’s guideline for the direction of the exam, which came out about five months before the College Scholastic Ability Test, caused great confusion at the site. In particular, criticism was poured out over the timing of the remarks. Mr. Kim (49), who has a child who is a retake student, said, “The mothers’ group chat room has been overturned.” Yang Mo-gun (18), a 3rd year high school student whom I met at a private academy in Mok-dong that day, said, “I’m worried about September’s review right now when the results of the June’s review aren’t even out.” I don’t know if I will (guarantee).”

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Experts pointed out that both the timing and content of President Yoon’s remarks were inappropriate. Mr. A, a principal of a high school in Seoul, said, “There was always a message saying (questions) within the curriculum.” It has been replaced.” He continued, “The purpose of reducing the number of killer questions for the SAT and submitting them within the curriculum is good, but if the ability to discriminate is reduced, the number of tiebreakers increases, and the number of half-students and re-takers increases.”

Jo Sang-sik, a professor of education at Dongguk University, said, “The president’s remarks are a principled approach, so there is no need to take them sensitively.” The unfiltered coming out of the mouth of the supreme ruler caused confusion.” In particular, in response to President Yoon’s statement that it was “unfair,” pointing out “problems not covered in the public education curriculum” and “subject convergence issues” at the same time, he said, “The convergence approach is a trend of the times.” He would have said that the same high-difficulty problem was linked to the private education cartel, but as an expert, it is a cartel, it is not a problem that can be said.”

Famous academy instructors also expressed concerns about the confusion that test-takers will experience in their posts on social media. Hyun Woo-jin, a math instructor, said on his Instagram, “Only kids feel sorry for me.” Please,” he said. Mr. Lee Da-ji, a lecturer in the field of social studies, also said, “Each school and every teacher has different teaching methods, and there are even some subjects that are not offered, but the message is that ‘enable students to take the CSAT only with the contents covered at school’… He said, “It is even more uncertain what the mock evaluation will be like in September and what the CSAT will be like.”

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Korean language instructor Lee Won-joon also criticized President Yoon’s remarks on Instagram, saying, “If there is no better alternative, hasty intervention is not a solution to the problem, but a cause.” Regarding the area of ​​non-literature that President Yoon pointed out as a representative problem, Mr. Lee said, “The non-literature of the CSAT is a test that fits the global trend of cultivating critical thinking skills.” It will go mainly, and Korean elites will lose their national competitiveness and fall behind.”

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