President Yun at the time of his condolences to the Japanese emperor? “At the request of the British royal family…”

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Then, we will connect with reporters who are covering the President’s visit to learn more about the cancellation of the condolences.

Connect New York.

Reporter Lee Ki-joo! Immediately after arriving in New York, the presidential office clarified again about the ‘controversy of condolences’ that took place in London.

That’s how serious this controversy is, are you looking at it this way?

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It is such an atmosphere.

Before leaving London, Kim Eun-hye, senior public relations chief, gave a rebuttal briefing once, but immediately after arriving in New York, Deputy Spokesperson Jae-myung Lee explained the situation in London again.

In short, there were no problems.

The deputy spokesperson said, “The allegations that he was neglected, that worship services were not held, that the condolences were canceled, that the condolences were diplomatic without condolences, or that the president was late, are all false.” I went and responded.

Regarding the criticism of ‘shouldn’t we have started a little earlier?’, he said, “I could have done that, but it was a schedule that was sufficiently discussed and coordinated with the British royal family,” and drew a line on our theory of responsibility.

Here, ‘there was a request from the British royal family’ was something that had not been clarified the day before, but it was additionally announced.

It seems that the presidential office judged that the spread of this controversies was not serious.

In the end, after attending the funeral, President Yoon did not pay a visit, but only wrote the condolence log late.

The presidential office repeatedly denied the controversy over neglect, saying, “It’s not just us, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the King of Monaco, and the European Commission Chairman have also done the same.”

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So, if you listen to the explanation of the presidential office, there is nothing wrong with the Korean government or the British side.

However, according to the previous report, the Emperor went to Westminster Abbey at night to pay tribute to King Charles after the reception was over the evening before.

Wasn’t even President Yoon able to pay his condolences right after the reception?

Did you have any other plans?

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Yes. Summarize them in chronological order.

President Yoon arrived in London at 3:39 PM the day before yesterday.

And King Charles’ reception lasted about an hour from 6pm to 7pm.

It was said that from the time I arrived in London until the reception, I couldn’t pay my condolences because of traffic in the city.

However, after the reception, it seems that the Emperor also paid condolences, so if there was the will of the President’s office, it seems that condolences would have been possible.

In fact, from the reception area to Westminster, where the Queen is enshrined, it’s only about a kilometer away, so it’s only a 10-minute walk at a leisurely pace.

The presidential office replied that it was “according to the guidance of the British royal family” that he did not pay condolences after the reception.

After the reception, President Yun held a meeting to inspect Typhoon Nan Madol with his staff at the hotel dormitory and also explained that he reviewed the speeches at the UN General Assembly.

However, as he toured the UK under the title of condolence diplomacy, there are critics that he should have somehow coordinated with the British royal family and went to condolences even in the evening.

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The president’s office has not been treated lightly by the British side, because I keep emphasizing this.

But the essence of this controversy is not whether or not President Yoon was mistreated, but whether he paid condolences properly or not.

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Looking at the response of the presidential office after the controversy over the cancellation of this article, there are some explanations that are somewhat difficult to understand.

“Why didn’t you go to condolence diplomacy and pay condolences?” is the core of the controversy, but they are refusing to say that the royal family provided a vehicle and that they were escorted by four police cars, not neglect, but hospitality.

The presidential office also said, “Even at the funeral, President Yoon sat in the same row with President Biden and sat behind President Macron,” and it seems to be concentrating on asserting that President Yoon was not treated unfairly by the British royal family.

The essence of the matter lies in why the ‘condolences’ schedule was not taken out of the two key points of this condolence diplomacy schedule: ‘condolences’ and ‘attendance of the director general’.

It seems that the president’s office will have to disclose the details and details of the negotiations on the UK tour to solve the people’s doubts.

So far, it has been delivered from New York.

Video coverage: Park Jong-il, Kim Hee-geon / Video editing: Jang Ye-eun

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