Presidential 2020: Appointed REIT candidate, Affi promises a new constitution if elected

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Appointed, Saturday, candidate of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI, opposition) for the presidential election of October 31, 2020, Pascal Affi N’Guessan, promised a new Constitution if he is elected, during the party’s 5th extraordinary Congress. This new Constitution, the Constitution of the Fourth Republic, aims to “found a new social contract”, declared Affi N’Guessan who proposes a “moderate presidential regime” with the abolition of the vice-presidency.

It also proposes the abolition of the Senate and the restoration of unicameralism, as well as the strengthening of the role and prerogatives of the National Assembly. Mr. Affi wants, through the Constitution of the Fourth Republic, to strengthen the independence of the judiciary.

It should, according to him, enshrine the autonomy of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Constitutional Council. With this in mind, he will put in place a system to supervise the action of the public prosecutor in order to put an end to his instrumentalization and abuses. “Under the Fourth Republic, the multiple mandate will be prohibited in the name of democratic openness. and efficiency ”, he continued, also ensuring the independence of the body responsible for organizing the elections.

Mr. Affi also wants to initiate a new distribution of state powers and a new law governing the administration of the territory and local development, stressing that the country will be divided into 12 administrative districts as coordination poles.

In this keynote speech, Mr. Affi pledged to make Côte d’Ivoire a regional power in terms of security, with regard to terrorist threats in the region, via a defense strategy based on anticipation, quickness and massive reaction.
“With me as president, there will be no death, no political prisoners, no exiles,” said Mr. Affi who wants to heal the “wounds of emergence (slogan of the current power)”, hammering that the country is sick, and hope demands a new alliance around a new leadership.

“I am a candidate to win and we are going to win”, he declared, maintaining that the Rhdp (power), “failed” and is “desperate”, because having no candidate after the death of Gon Coulibaly is “reduced to calling Alassane Ouattara for help”.

For Mr. Affi, President of Laurent Gbagbo’s Party, “we do not create a new generation with an older generation”. In addition, “when a party is forced to appeal to the veterans it is hard pressed”.
The Ivorian presidential election is set for October 31, 2020. The submission of candidatures has been open since July 16 and should last 45 days. Candidates will need to apply for voter sponsorship, a condition of eligibility.

The currently known candidates are Marcel Amon-Tanoh, former head of diplomacy for Alassane Ouattara, Henri Konan Bédié, president of the Democratic Party of Côte d’Ivoire (Pdci) and Affi Nguessan. Mr. Ouattara announces soon the unveiling of his intention if he will be a candidate of the Rassemblement des houphouëtistes pour la democratie et la paix (Rhdp).

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