Presidential 2022: in a meeting, Valérie Pécresse tries to pose as a unifier

A campaign is often a matter of messages, of chanting choruses until you have a dry throat. Valérie Pécresse made her political comeback this Saturday in Brive (Corrèze) – Chiraquian land – and the president of the Île-de-France region has not done in the subliminal.

While she launched her campaign in the middle of the summer at the end of July, then began to “plow” the country in August, it was a question of hammering her determination. “I am ready”, she launches, in a solemn grandiloquence, in front of the parterre of a thousand sympathizers come to support her. “I prefer to warn, I’m here to win,” she insists a few seconds later.

In the morning, his closest lieutenants each hammered him in their corner to journalists: “Valérie is extraordinarily determined”, “he is a bulldozer”, we were assured. A concerted response to those who for months instilled doubt about his motivation. And a message to his competitors – in the first place Xavier Bertrand -, the former Chiraquian minister does not throw himself into the arena to negotiate Matignon.

“I will always play collective”

The second subject of the Pécressiste lighthouse calls this Saturday was also indirectly addressed to the boss of Hauts-de-France. “In the end, there will have to be one or only one candidate from the right and the center. And me, I will always play collective, “promised Pécresse to the platform, defender of a primary between the candidates of the right.

Bertrand still refuses to comply, when she hopes that the packages of Laurent Wauquiez and Bruno Retailleau will not put her in danger. The Ile-de-France is in any case wrapped in the clothes of the good comrade, and hopes to take the opportunity to catch up, if not overtake, her former government colleague from the Sarkozy period, declared a candidate and since leading in the voting intentions. So much for the September issue.

Moreover, it would be catching up again, we are assured. An Ipsos poll ordered by his teams gives it only one point behind Bertrand in the first round of the presidential election (15% for him, 14% for her). Harvest of her summer roaming which would have created “a dynamic” around her campaign, she will try to instill all day long.

“I come to amplify the momentum of my presidential campaign,” she also prophesied in her closing speech, which mingled with Macron and Le Pen. For her Macron would be “a pale copy of the right (…) it is already the past, we are the alternation”. Then, it is almost his slogan, Valérie Pécresse again promised to “restore French pride”. Even if it will first be a question of generating the unity of the right. And it won’t be easy.

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