Presidential 2022: Ségolène Royal dreams of connecting the left and environmentalists

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All opportunities are good. Whenever she is asked the question of her ambitions, Ségolène Royal recalls that she is one of the last great figures of a confused left since the victory of Emmanuel Macron and repeats that she does not exclude a candidacy for the presidential election of 2022.

And while France is proving to be greener than ever after the green wave that swept through municipal elections this weekend, the former Minister of the Environment thinks she can embody the link between the traditional left and Europe Ecology- The Greens.

” Why not ? “

In any case, this is what Ségolène Royal said at the Talk du Figaro on Monday. ” Why not? I said that when the time comes, if we were ready to come together, I would be ready for this battle, “said the unsuccessful presidential candidate in 2007.

Because for her, no doubt, only a union between the left and the Greens could come to interfere in the new duel that everyone announces between Macron and Marine Le Pen. “If there is to be an alternative, a choice in the second round of the presidential election, there must be a union of the left and environmentalists,” she said.

“I don’t want to be in front of my television set the evening when Marine Le Pen”

A coalition that Ségolène Royal would therefore obviously be able to embody. The latter based on her career and her political experience. “They have often wanted to qualify me as more environmentalist than socialists. I have been a socialist and ecologist for a very long time, by deeds. “

VIDEO. Green tsunami for municipalities: “Macron must have a green strategy for 2022”

In line of sight for the one who was still until last January Ambassador in charge of international negotiations for the Arctic and Antarctic poles, the scenario of a defeat of Emmanuel Macron in 2022 and a victory of the RN.

“I don’t want to be in front of my television set the evening when Marine Le Pen is elected, first female president in addition, and tell me: I did not move. So if we have to move, I will move, ”concluded Ségolène Royal.


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